The oldest known animal…is a lot older than we thought

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    Not in any way related to Angie Dickinsonia. [LINK]


    It’s flat and oval shaped and can range in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter. It’s striped with long raised ridges known as modules. It doesn’t have a mouth, gut, or anus. But we know it ate microbes and algae, flopped around in the ocean, and was a multicellular organism well before any of the iconic Cambrian life forms — trilobites, mollusks, and their tiny ilk — came into being.

    Now, Australian National University scientists have confirmed using one particularly well-preserved fossil just how long ago Dickinsonia bobbed along in the ancient oceans — and man, is it old.

    That discovery was groundbreaking because it meant that full-fledged animals existed before the Cambrian explosion — an idea scientists have been debating for close to a century.


    And it’s such a cute little fella too. As flat ridged ovals go.

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