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    Big Finish has just announced via Twitter that they’re ending the Doctor Who Lost Stories range with next year’s “season.”

    I’m kinda torn about this. These were an interesting diversion from the usual audios, since they were actually written for the TV series but never shot. Some fans cried foul because of the amount of “adaptation” that had to take place to turn them into audio-only stories. But without that, how would we ever have heard the outstanding Tom Baker stories from earlier this year (better than Big Finish’s original fourth Doctor stories!), or some of the Colin Baker stories, junked in favor of the Trial Of A Time Lord season, which were waaaaay better than Trial Of A Time Lord?

    Some of these have been outrageously good, and Big Finish has helped to shape the unused scripts into coherent pieces of drama, something that the folks making the TV series in the ’70s and ’80s simply didn’t have time to do. I would almost rather they sacrified the Companion Chronicles instead of the Lost Stories – but then again, there are only so many unused scripts to draw from, I suppose.

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