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    …is explained, vague as a Vorlon, here.


    I’m planning on having the new menu in place and running well before Thanksgiving. That’s a hell of a long time to go with no updates, I know, but the results will be worth it. A huge amount of work is going into it.


    Relaunch has taken place. Not everything is on the timeline, but I will continue to add to it as time allows.

    The old menu is archived here, at least for a while.


    Of an estimated 7,000 data points that will eventually end up on the timeline, 2,023 have been entered manually thus far. Not a bad start. I just need to clone myself and I can nail this thing. 😆

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    Is the clone going to be shirtless, wear loose shorts and accidentally moon any hapless drivers who happen to drive by your lonely country road? ‘Cos if the answer is yes, please reconsider. 😛


    No, I already do that myself.


    We’re now up to 3,141 data points. All of Doctor Who is in there now, and I’m close to finishing all entries for the Star Trek franchise. I did a spree of looking up release dates for music and added a lot of pre-’90s albums’ release dates wherever I could find them, and a few books to boot.

    I’m also slowly but steadily adding every manned launch, and every significant unmanned launch, of the American, Soviet/Russian and European space programs. There’s more stuff there than you might think. I’ve also begun porting obituaries over from the old news section, as well as other interesting bits that aren’t about product release dates. That stuff’s already written, so it’s a bit of a time-saving move, as much as anything about this process can be described as time-saving.

    A quick rundown of the population of each major category:
    Books: 45
    Computer History: 6 (obviously needs work)
    Manned Spaceflight: 177
    Obituaries: 33
    Movies: 34
    Music: 345
    Radio & Audio: 1 (anemic)
    Television: 2,178 (well… it’s a TV sci-fi site… and each individual “part” of each Doctor Who story has its own date)
    Unmanned Spaceflight: 119
    Video Games: 203 (very hard to nail down dates for all of these)

    Having done all this… I’m just curious since the response has been rather quiet. What’s everyone thinking of the day-in-history format? Good? Bad? Needs more cowbell?

    Steve W
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    I’m fine with it. To be honest, I check the actual Logbook maybe once a week, whereas I check the forums at least once a day. For me the main site is fantastic for research.

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    Do your launch news include updates of GPS satellite launches? Or it is just interplanetary probes and the like? I as because I work in the GPS satellite business right now.


    I’d probably include first-of-their-kind GPS launches – first satellite in the constellation, the satellite that completes a constellation, a significant next-generation tech upgrade, that sort of thing. I’ve included several early weather satellites (go poking around in the 1960s), and intend to add pioneering communications satellites to the list as well.


    I’ve also added Soviet manned space missions through the end of the 1970s, and will add more as time allows. Some really fascinating stuff, like the hair-raising entry for today


    We’re up to 3,333 data points on the timeline. Some of the hardest stuff to research are the cold-war-era Soviet missions, because who really knows what they were doing up there? The timeline now includes the earliest Mir crews, featuring whatever info I can find. (At one point I got so frustrated looking this stuff up that I took a break and inputted some construction milestones for the ISS instead.)

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