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    Fans pooling their resources and talents to make an “annual” for the one Doctor who never had one… [LINK]

    In this book you will find out about myself, my family and friends and the inner workings of my wonderful time machine with a friendly technical diagram highlighting all of the main features.
    In my travels I have become caught in events surrounding the civil war of the 1600s, been to a distant alien world in a prelude to a mystery involving a couple I encountered on Barnes Common and visited the planet Silicus, where I discovered men made of metal! Scary stuff indeed!

    I’ve become a hostage of alien stowaways in my time machine and on the planet Samsara, my granddaughter and I were caught up in a conflict between two sides of the Brethren of Infinity, as they waited for their Great Deity to save them from its imminent apocalypse…

    My friends have even been accidentally miniaturised with one of my other inventions! Oh, the fun they had sorting that out! I’ve upset a couple of alien traders, encountered familiar looking robots and landed in one of the most terrible places in human history – No Man’s Land during the First World War… I’ve explored the far side of the galaxy and managed to salvage the cultural heritage of an alien race and I visited the strange Museum of Space Science in the year 3000…

    Also, on a very beautiful planet, my granddaughter encountered an alien prince and the two became romantically involved, which was very sweet. I’ve defeated evil terrifying robots who enslaved the people of the Earth in the year 2150AD and met intergalactic traders on the War Moon of planet Skirm and my granddaughter befriended a strange creature on yet another alien planet, unaware that it was actually plotting to kill her at the first opportunity!

    I’ve upset The Knights of Chronos, who are the self-styled guardians of time, and they put me on trial for creating a temporal paradox by returning a Policeman I had met to 1966 before he actually left with me on my travels! Most confusing!

    Wish it wasn’t so pricey; at least on paper, I love this idea.

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