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    Harlan Ellison has given IDW his blessing to adapt the original screenplay of City On The Edge Of Forever into a comic miniseries. Numerous preview panels at the link – for the most part, this is the same IDW team behind the recent (better than expected) TNG/Doctor Who crossover. [LINK]

    Fans of the series know, of course, that Ellison’s full vision did not reach the screen as he intended; rather his teleplay was modified before the episode was filmed and aired in 1967. Now, 47 years later, IDW Publishing and Ellison intend to rectify the situation by joining forces to present Star Trek: Harlan Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever: The Original Teleplay.

    The all-new miniseries, due out in June, will feature the participation of several notable and familiar Trek figures. Ellison will serve as guide to writers Scott Tipton and David Tipton (Klingons: Blood Will Tell, Spock: Reflections and the recent TNG/Doctor Who crossover), while J.K. Woodward (Alien Spotlight, the TNG/Doctor Who crossover) will render the interior art and Juan Ortiz (the Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints) will assume cover art honors.

    I kinda wish we’d gotten this adaptation to judge on the story’s own merits before we got the invective-filled book in the ’90s which was something like 1/3 script, 2/3 Harlan screaming foul at the universe (again) for this paying job from which he once cashed the check.

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