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    Everyone back away from SteveW slowly. His head will asplode.

    Label: Disney / Intrada D001383402
    Date: 1979
    Tracks: 24
    Time = 55:05

    Wow! You thought it would never happen! World premiere release of complete John Barry score for 1979 Walt Disney sci-fi tale with Anthony Perkins, Maximilian Schell, Ernest Borgnine, directed by Gary Nelson. Spectacular CD production, co-branded by Walt Disney Records & Intrada, offers every note of Barry’s oft-requested score in stunning digital stereo from 32-track digital masters vaulted at Disney. Original LP offered 30 minutes of scoring highlights but new CD has every LP selection plus over 20 minutes of never-before released material, all newly mastered in true digital audio, playing in picture sequence! Exciting overture, swirling main title motifs are memorable but equally fun are numerous devices literally spotlighting favorite signatures of composer: melodic ideas played in one register by French horns, then another register by trumpets; massive block minor chords for suspense; repeating rhythmic ideas generating action; many other musical trademarks. Lengthy history of bringing complete score to CD, location of long-obsolete digital machines, creation of all-new digital mixes plus more info all notated in fascinating detail by producer Randy Thornton. But there’s more! Original campaign artwork, production stills, full color shots of composer at recording sessions plus generous notes on film & scoring by Jeff Bond add more icing to sweet cake. A legendary soundtrack album now gets the “Special Edition” treatment at last! John Barry conducts.

    01. Overture (2:28)
    02. Main Title (1:49)
    03. That’s It (1:43)*
    04. Closer Look (2:02)**
    05. Zero Gravity (5:48)
    06. Cygnus Floating (2:06)*
    07. The Door Opens (4:09)**
    08. Pretty Busy (:48)*
    09. Six Robots (1:57)
    10. Can You Speak? (1:19)*
    11. Poor Creatures (1:41)*
    12. Ready to Embark (:44)*
    13. Start the Countdown (3:47)
    14. Durant Is Dead (2:31)
    15. Laser (1:01)*
    16. Kate’s O.K. (2:49)
    17. Hot and Heavy (2:43)*
    18. Meteorites (1:31)*
    19. Raging Inferno (:54)*
    20. Hotter and Heavier (1:59)*
    21. Bob and V.I.N.C.E.N.T. (:54)*
    22. Into the Hole (4:56)**
    23. End Title (2:34)

    24. In, Through… And Beyond! (2:46)

    * Previously Unreleased
    ** Includes additional material not used in the film


    Order here: [LINK]

    I applaud Intrada for going through the legwork of unearthing, remastering and releasing this soundtrack, which label head Douglass Fake has even said in the past is far from his favorite thing. But it’s been requested / demanded / pined for over the years, so much, that he overcome his personal dislike for it and made Intrada the first label to go “Hey, you know what? Everyone’s been asking for it since the CD format went public just a few years after the movie did. LET’S RE-RELEASE THE BLACK HOLE.”

    Also, by making it an unlimited release, there’s gonna be none of this “all 3000 copies sold out in ten minutes and now you’re gonna have to sell your house to pick one up on eBay” jazz.

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