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    DO WANT. 😮 😯 😎 [LINK]

    Revealed as part of the publisher’s Emerald City Comicon announcements, the oversized hardcover book will be filled with rarely seen art from classic games like “Centipede,” Missile Command,” “Asteroids” and many more.

    Described by Dynamite as “the most comprehensive [Atari] retrospective to date,” the book consists of over 350 pages of production and concept artwork, photos and marketing materials. In addition to the images, it also features insights from and interviews with those involved in developing and marketing the classic games.

    “The Art of Atari” arrives in stores this October with a cover price of $39.99.

    They have preview pages you can look at on the link above. You need to go see them. I’m in love.


    This book is finally out this week…virtually nothing but good reviews. Yep, that’s goin’ on the wish list.


    Anyone else find this one under their tree? If only for putting artists’ names to the various box art and letting you start to discern their individual styles on sight, this thing is gold. Just a beautiful thing to thumb through and look at.

    Hiro Kimura is the man, by the way. His artwork quickly emerged as my favorite.

    It’d be great to have, sometime down the road, a companion volume looking at the visual/packaging styles of Activision (inspired by the Memphis design group’s works), Imagic (retouched photos of physical models), and so on.

    Of course, I’d be all for a book of all the Bradford/Cout Agency designs for Odyssey2 packaging, but I doubt very much that’d happen without me being the one doing it.

    Steve W
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    I just ordered it… I’ll let you know my thought on Saturday when it arrives (if my internet doesn’t go out again).

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    Things that suck more than I really thought they would: the Art of Atari Poster Collection.

    The weight of the paper is nice. The color reproduction is good, the detail reproduction maybe a notch or two below that.

    And then they go and crop every damn piece of square-format artwork to fit rectangular pages.

    So…let me get this straight. A thick coffee table book formatted in the correct square “aspect ratio” = let’s do this…but doing the same with the posters is a no-go?

    Other issues: the posters are double-sided – whichever one you choose, you’re giving up another one. Also, no licensed properties, first-party only: no Space Invaders, Defender, Berzerk or Pac-Man.

    Let the buyer beware.

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