Take a bow, Big Finish.

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    This arose from a Facebook discussion, and I thought it’d bear repeating here.

    Am I the only one who’d like to see the modern series Doctors collide with more of Big Finish’s original creations? The new Rani, the Forge, Klein, go check to see how Erimem’s doing as the queen of ?

    I’d prefer full-cast over this “Nth Doctor Chronicles” format that seems to be taking over; I know Tennant, Smith, et al. are busy, but let’s get them on board for a “Classic Doctors, New Monsters” style box set, maybe one for each story.

    Sometimes the TV series seemed top-heavy with references and nods to classic TV Who. We’re running up on Big Finish year 20, as astounding as that seems. I stand by my assertion that we have Big Finish to thank, in no small part, for Doctor Who being back on television at all; I think it’d be nice for modern-era Who to reach over and pat them on the back. Probably wouldn’t hurt sales of their older and current titles, either.

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