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    It’s never been released before, and I certainly wasn’t expecting It to pop up anytime soon. What is It? Well, they’re about to tell you what It is, and there’s even a picture of It!. Note the interesting bit at the end:

    Treat for horror movie soundtrack fans! 2-CD world premiere release of complete Emmy-winning score for mammoth 1990 two-part mini-series drawn from powerhouse Stephen King novel, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, starring Richard Thomas, Richard Masur, Annette O’Toole, Tim Curry. While composer Richard Bellis anchors with diabolical idea for twisted clown Pennywise, Bellis creates amazingly rich symphonic tapestry that covers small-town Americana setting, rituals of boys-into-men spanning some 30 years, confrontations with fear, spectacular showdowns with evil. Gorgeous trumpet during Americana segments just one highlight, dizzying array of electronics during scary sequences another highlight, powerful orchestral excitement of final Spider battle yet another.

    Providing fine feather in his cap, Bellis’ score was first TV horror film score to nab coveted Emmy as “Best Dramatic Underscore for Miniseries or Special”. Rich, multi-layered – and ambitious – score is certainly worthy of award! Intrada presents entire score in dynamic stereo from two-track digital scoring session masters courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment. Informative notes by Dan Schweiger, vivid graphics by Joe Sikoryak complete exciting 2-CD package. Richard Bellis conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while interest and quantities remain!

    Wow, someone’s finally figured out that the 3,000 copies thing is equal parts curse and blessing! A blessing for the label – a pressing of 3,000 units and you’re one and done – but also a curse when speculators load up on specific titles and charge exorbitant amounts for them on the secondary market that doesn’t help the label one bit. Also, no more fan moaning about editions that sold out instantly if it was an extremely popular title.

    CD 1 “IT” Part I
    01. Main Title I 1:52
    02. Enter The Clown 3:04
    03. Georgie Dies 4:17
    04. Ben Gets The News 0:51
    05. Punks 2:18
    06. I Hate It Here 1:53
    07. Bedroom Jazz Source 2:24
    08. The Slap 1:45
    09. Die If You Try 4:02
    10. Richie’s Talk Show Play-Off 0:34
    11. The Beast – First Encounter 2:05
    12. Mike Remembers 0:58
    13. Mike Joins The Group 5:07
    14. Pennywise 0:39
    15. Circus Source 1:10
    16. Target Practice 2:51
    17. The Sewer Hole 3:13
    18. Stan Gets Nabbed 4:27
    19. The Fog 3:25
    20. The Pact 1:43
    21. Stan’s Suicide 0:50
    22. End Credits I 1:00

    CD 1 Total Time 50:53

    CD 2 “IT” Part II
    01. Main Title Part II 1:51
    02. The Graves 1:48
    03. Library Balloons 2:53
    04. Ben’s Flashback 0:35
    05. Skeleton On The Pond 0:40
    06. Guillory’s Muzak 1:27
    07. Hydrox 2:49
    08. Audra 1:45
    09. Fortune Cookie 1:54
    10. Silver Flyer 2:22
    11. Leftover Stan 1:52
    12. Henry And Belch 2:20
    13. Every Thirty Years 1:56
    14. Audra Arrives 2:02
    15. This Time It’s For Real 4:26
    16. The Smell Of Death 1:59
    17. Something’s Coming 4:00
    18. The Spider’s Web 5:11
    19. Hi Ho Silver 4:33
    20. End Credits Part II 1:00

    CD 2 Total Time 47:38

    Okay. I’m so over It now. I don’t know if I’ll get It or not, but It was definitely one of the best screen treatments that any of King’s material has gotten.

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