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    Gleefully filched from Pantechnicon’s Facebook post…

    @io9 wrote:

    It should have been the greatest television show ever: conceived by Harlan Ellison, with science advisor Ben Bova and scripts by Dick, Le Guin, Herbert and Van Vogt. A new comic based on The Starlost shows what could have been.

    Today sees the first issue of IDW’s new comic series A Phoenix Without Ashes, written by Harlan Ellison based on the novel of the same name — which, in turn, was Edward Bryant’s novelization of Ellison’s pilot script for The Starlost.

    The rest of the article and sample artwork can be seen here. Episode Guide to the Starlost can be found here, with a review of the first episode here. Oddly enough, they’re basing this on the novelization, which Philip Frey reviewed for us here.

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