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    Interesting news from a Voyager set is coming this summer, and possibly a multi-disc all-series 50th anniversary set something in the fall (maybe September?) for the 50th anniversary. [LINK]

    La-La Land is in the midst of preparing a long-awaited Star Trek: Voyager score collection — the first all-Voyager collection since the 1995 “Caretaker” soundtrack! — and Film Score Monthly founder Lukas Kendall took to the FSM message boards to confirm that this four-disc release is expected to be up for sale by this summer.

    “I am glad people were excited about La-La Land’s 3CD Collection Vol 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Coming this spring/summer is the long-awaited 4CD Collection for Star Trek: Voyager.”

    Kendall, who we last spoke to in 2013 ahead of the expanded “Best of Both Worlds” release, also dropped another bombshell: La-La Land is also beginning to lay the groundwork for a Star Trek: 50th Anniversary soundtrack collection later in the year, and he’s looking for your requests!

    “We have a “50th Anniversary” Star Trek collection that we’re going to do a little differently…because we’re TAKING REQUESTS!

    This 50th Anniversary album (# of discs TBD) will have music from across the 50 years of the Star Trek franchise—including previously unreleased cues from TNG, DS9, VOY (beyond the upcoming album) and ENT.

    This is not to say there may not be future volumes for DS9, ENT and the other shows, but for now, we are concentrating on this 50th Anniversary collection to present as much previously unreleased music as we can.

    So…if you have favorite scores and/or cues… be as specific as you want from the episodes—give me Netflix timecode from the episodes and I will make sure to try to include the correct piece!”

    How about that for fan service! We’ve all had some favorite tracks seemingly ‘left out’ of the many previous Trek music collections, and now is your chance to make the case for this new set of scores!

    I’m sure we’ll be getting a 2-3 CD Doctor Who soundtrack from this past season in the spring…this is gonna be an expensive year.


    Revised schedule:

    September (i.e. next month) – Star Trek Enterprise box set #2

    November 30th (i.e. Black Friday) – Star Trek 50th Anniversary selections-from-all-series box set

    January 2017 – Star Trek Voyager box set

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    November 30th (i.e. Black Friday) – Star Trek 50th Anniversary selections-from-all-series box set

    January 2017 – Star Trek Voyager box set

    Hmm. Those two look good to me especially the Voyager one since I’ve always liked the Voyager opening theme. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive.


    If i were a betting man… I’d guess they’ll probably be 4-disc sets for $50 each.

    I’m really most looking forward to the 50th anniversary set – there have been some vague hints that the music from the animated series may be included on there, which would be a huge selling point for me – with the Voyager set close behind.

    I’m not sure what else they could possibly do with another Enterprise box set; I was very happy with the first one, and it really had the stuff on it that I wanted, down to specific episodes. The second Enterprise set almost can’t help but be reheated leftovers and second-string stuff. And if they drop the Enterprise set at the same time as the anticipated ’70s Wonder Woman TV soundtrack set…um, no offense, but I’ll be in the invisible plane with Wonder Woman.

    Back when TNG was on the air, I kept wishing they’d crank out more than a single CD a year. Now that we’re up to a total of damn near 70 discs total of Star Trek TV and movie music (not even counting game soundtracks, etc.), it’s like “holy crap, how do I find time to listen to any or all of it?”


    February 28th.

    La-La Land has also dropped this little tidbit about upcoming Trek soundtracks:

    Our plan over the next 18 months for Trek is as follows:

    DS9 Volume 2 – 3rd qtr 2017

    Voyager Volume 2 – 1st qtr 2018

    Unknown Trek Collection featuring:

    Disc 1 – TNG – leftovers
    Disc 2 – DS9 – leftovers
    Disc 3 – Voyager – leftovers
    Disc 4 – Enterprise – leftovers

    Probably by Summer 2018 we will be saying our final goodbye to Trek. I think roughly after 9 cds from each series we will have covered just about all the amazing music from this incredible Universe…unless we decide to do something crazy like Season by Season Box sets! 😆

    Considering that neither of the TNG “random sampling” collections have sold out yet, I’m reading the “season box set” comment as a joke.

    Parting, like farting, is sweet sorrow, but counting up how many CDs’ worth of Trek music we’ve gotten from La-La Land alone, not counting the few released by Intrada and the mammoth TNG box set released by Film Score Monthly, in the past ten years, my inner twenty-something-uber-nerd is running around in circles like a hamster on speed with excitement at it all.


    Really…underwhelming track listing, actually.

    DISC ONE: Music by Jay Chattaway

    1. Star Trek: Voyager – Main Title (1:55)
    Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

    2. Asteroid A’Comin’ (1:21)
    3. Up on the Roof (2:08)

    4. Captain Proton (2:26)
    5. Taking Out the Garbage / The Vortex Hop* (4:39)

    EQUINOX, Part I & II
    6. Aliens Attack (1:10)
    7. Ransom Explains Crime (2:52)
    8. Equinox Crew Escapes / Equinox Warps Away (5:32)
    9. Recap—Teaser (2:34)
    10. Feeling Guilty (1:31)
    11. Let the Battle Begin / Ransom Makes Amends* (5:45)

    12. Hologrid Tag (3:54)
    13. Voyager Gets Message* (3:50)

    14. Seamus Sees All / Rattled Seamus Drinks / Jane Likes Rings / Seamus Follows Paris* (3:11)
    15. Maggie Returns to Cart / Befuddled Maggie / Katie Comes to Tea / Demands for Truth (1:06)
    16. Michael Tricks Them* / Time to Be Creative / Angry Mob* (3:13)
    17. Tending to His Flock / Doc Spills the Beans (2:01)
    18. Welcome to Voyager / Can’t We All Get Along / Michael’s Speech / Drinks on the Captain (4:05)

    19. Ship Goes Dark (2:10)
    20. Abandon Ship / Risking It All / Lifeform’s New Home* (6:00)

    21. Return of Chaotica / Arachnia Saves the Day (Captain Proton) (1:58)
    22. Tuvok’s Demise† (1:19)

    23. Multiple Attackers (2:46)
    24. Bad Funnel Cake (1:25)
    25. We’re Not Dead Yet (1:59)
    26. The Alliance Is Born (2:47)
    27. Montage—Battle Begins / Escaping the Void*† (4:37)

    * Contains “Theme From Star Trek: Voyager” by Jerry Goldsmith
    † Contains “Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)” by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

    Total Time – Disc One: 79:36

    DISC TWO: Music by Dennis McCarthy

    THE 37’s
    1. Rusty Deuce Coupe* (1:15)
    2. S.O.S.* / The Voyager Lands (4:17)
    3. The Planet / Amelia / Wake Up Call* (6:01)
    4. Our Heroine / I’d Have Stayed!* (3:43)

    BASICS, Part I & II
    5. And So It Begins (3:13)
    6. The Landing/Abandoned (4:53)
    7. Recapture (1:40)
    8. Dr. Phelps / Chakotay to the Rescue / Sacrifice / Death / Let’s Go Home* (11:10)

    9. Off to Tara (2:35)
    10. Dennis’ Tune (1:15)
    11. The Big Finale (3:33)

    12. Leonardo / The Lab / Off to France* (1:14)
    13. Slow Speed Chase* / Airborne* / Off to France (alternate)* (5:37)

    14. Casanova (1:42)
    15. Casanova (Sexy Fantasy) (1:40)
    16. Fantasies (2:25)
    17. Captain Heroic (4:01)

    WORKFORCE, Part I & II
    18. Brave New World (1:23)
    19. Faded Memories (3:43)
    20. Climaxorama (3:14)
    21. Mr. Recap (1:03)
    22. Memories (1:34)
    23. Success/Good to Be Back* (5:03)

    * Contains “Theme From Star Trek: Voyager” by Jerry Goldsmith

    Total Time – Disc Two: 77:20

    DISC THREE – Music by David Bell and Paul Baillargeon

    DARK FRONTIER, Part I & II – Music by David Bell
    1. Borg Drones Activate (2:47)
    2. Borg Remnants in Cargo Bay / Mindless Drone / Crew Dismissed / Annika Plays With Borg Cube / I Hope So Too, Daddy (1:53)
    3. Hansens Find Borg Cube (2:50)
    4. Mission Simulation Fails / Borg Beam to Bridge / Next Time Won’t Be Holodeck (4:38)
    5. Implants on Naomi’s Cheeks (1:30)
    6. Magnus in the Cube (2:01)
    7. I Was Raised by Borg (0:48)
    8. Assign Me to Away Team, Please* / Away Team Beams Into Sphere / Coil Grabbed, Seven Stays Behind / Seven Meets the Queen (9:34)
    9. Recap / Comply / We’ve Overlooked Something / Neelix: Deactivate Her Alcove / Borg Were Talking to Seven of Nine / Queen Touches Seven’s Cheek — We Want You (3:42)
    10. U.S.S. Raven Trails Cube / Dissolve to Same Schematic (0:38)
    11. Delta Flyer Launches for Rescue / Kitarians Attack, Are Assimilated / Seven Helps Kitarians Escape (7:52)
    12. Annika: Going to Be Assimilated / Flyer Arrives at Unicomplex / Poppa? (5:07)
    13. Captain Janeway Is Eluding You / Captain Janeway’s Armband Goes Offline / Borg Queen and Janeway Face Off / Flyer Through Transwarp Conduit / Sweet Dreams (11:13)

    LIFESIGNS – Music by Paul Baillargeon
    14. Paris and Danara / Brain Diminishing (3:03)
    15. Danara Awakes / Done With Mirrors (1:36)
    16. Accordion Source #1a (2:36)
    17. Paris the Spy (1:26)
    18. Accordion Source #2 (3:35)
    19. Parking on Mars / Paris Shoves / Doc’s Log (2:09)
    20. Danara Surprises Doc/Be With Me / Danara’s Silhouette / Accordion Source #6 (2:35)
    21. Accordion Source #1b (2:32)

    Total Time – Disc Three: 74:58

    DISC FOUR – Fan Favorites

    SCORPION, Part I & II – Music by Jay Chattaway
    1. Borg Meet Their Match (0:25)
    2. Getting Ready / Kes Senses Dead Borg* (3:04)
    3. Mountain of Death / Exploring the Biomass / Big Daddy’s Comin’ / Don’t Mess With Bill (9:37)
    4. Dealing With the Devil* / Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (3:59)
    5. Recap/Agreement Reached (3:24)
    6. Into the Alien Realm (3:45)
    7. The Battle Begins / Aliens Defeated* / Reverse Scorpion / Kiss and Make Up (7:29)

    YEAR OF HELL, Part I & II – Music by Dennis McCarthy
    8. Phased Out (1:23)
    9. Small Fry / Einstein’s Alarm Clock (3:49)
    10. Assaulted / Futile Defense (4:42)
    11. Torpedo-osity / Blinded by the Light (1:53)
    12. The Longest Day / Ouch! / Not Again* / Wild Card (7:08)
    13. Janeway Signifies / Evacuation (4:39)
    14. Blown Away / Gassed / Military Code (3:15)
    15. Much to Learn / Captain Courageous / Don’t Even Try (3:07)
    16. The Watch / Surprise Incursion (2:58)
    17. No Kyana / Let’s Get Cracking* (1:16)
    18. The Captain (2:39)
    19. Battle / Time’s Up / Priorities (6:35)

    20. STAR TREK: VOYAGER End Title (1:19)
    Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

    Total Time – Disc Four: 77:19

    I get why Scorpion and Year Of Hell are on there; probably the most popular episodes. I’m a bit bugged that the earliest episode represented is The 37s, completely skipping over season one, which had some really good music in it. There really isn’t much from season 2 in there either, come to think of it. They should’ve called this Star Trek Voyager: The Seven of Nine Years.

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    Click-click-Done! With shipping it came to $68.48.

    I’ll let you know when I get it.


    @ubikuberalles wrote:

    With shipping it came to $68.48.


    I may have to wait for the next Voyager set to come out, to see if this one gets marked down on sale. The variable pricing on the Trek sets is kind of maddening. The 50th anniversary set, which had more stuff on it that I wanted…cost me less than the Voyager set would. 😕

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    This message was sent to you at the request of LaLa Land Employee3, to notify you that they have shipped a package to you.

    Estimated delivery: 2 days. Hopefully by Friday. Can’t wait.

    The price is high and I expect Volume two to be just as expensive. However, I’ve been buying Lala records stuff at a rate of only once or twice a year so, ultimately, it’s not breaking my bank.


    As usual, I come away with this impression:

    McCarthy = warm, widescreen, epic without being in-your-face about it most of the time. There’s a real nobility to his music. I like that a lot. In a lot of ways, he is the sound of Berman-era Trek, like it or not.

    Chattaway = ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…tiring, somnolent dissonance.

    I will admit to being a Ron Jones fan (from seasons 1-4 of TNG, the subject of his own huge and hugely expensive box set), though unlike many Jones fanboys, I do not lift Jones up to the exclusion of all other post-TOS Trek composers. He reused material just like McCarthy did; I get it, a weekly show is a bit of a death march for a composer, and TNG was, for a while, blessed to have two really skilled composers to alternate between.

    What Jones and McCarthy don’t do is put me to sleep. Chattaway…aside from a handful of rare instances, it seems like he’s using exactly the same chords, in exactly the same whole-note droning progressions, again and again. It’s like he scored one episode and keeps coughing up the tapes from that scoring session. It’s been difficult to review Trek soundtrack releases like this for the past several years without just slamming Chattaway outright.

    And yet Chattaway turned in a great score for Voyager’s pilot, and some super episodes of TNG (hello! Tin Man!) and Enterprise, and he created that piano earworm for the DS9 episode where Dax discovers she had a crazy host body who’s been expunged from the official record. It’s like they were paying him enough to crank out one killer score a year.

    Modern sci-fi fandom wets itself over prominent music these days – your Bear McCrearys (BSG, Walking Dead, SHIELD, Outlander) and Michael Giacchinos (Lost, Alias, etc.) and Blake Neelys (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) and so on. Stuff like Stranger Things is rapturously received. I really think that part of this is still a reaction to Rick Berman’s “Mahler’s second movement” mandate (no, seriously, he cited that as an example of what he wanted from composers), and the impression that all of ’90s Trek was scored with whole-note droning synths rather than one of the biggest orchestras consistently used in TV at the time. I don’t think Chattaway did much to help that impression.

    Sorry, just…venting some drive plasma there.

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