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    The Star Trek III soundtrack has been available before but only in a 43-minute LP sequence. FSM’s 2CD set features two programs, both newly mastered from recording engineer Dan Wallin’s first-generation digital film mixes: Disc one features the complete score as intended for the film itself, including such long-desired cues as “Grissom Destroyed,” “A Fighting Chance to Live” (featuring the Enterprise’s self-destruct countdown and immolation in Genesis’s atmosphere) and “Genesis Destroyed.” In addition, previously unreleased film versions of cues such as “Klingons” and “Stealing the Enterprise” make their premiere, with differences that are subtle but noticeable to devoted fans. Disc two features a recreation (in better sound quality) of the familiar LP sequence—complete with Group 87’s pop version of “The Search for Spock.”

    Having perused the expanded/complete soundtrack for Trek II that FSM released last year, I can really only predict that this will be impressive at the very least. I’ve always thought that the existing soundtrack release made the whole thing sound a bit lackluster, so I’m hoping maybe this release will make me reassess that. “Stealing The Enterprise” is an 8+ minute tour de force no matter how you slice it up.


    FSM has released a shot of the CD tray card, showing the track listing and timings:

    It’s worth noting that this soundtrack, like Trek II, is on FSM’s “Retrograde Records” imprint, which means it won’t be limited to 3,000 copies (which is a rule-of-thumb most of the soundtrack boutique labels are stuck with by the musicians’ union).

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