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    So much to process here…

    • Star Trek: Prodigy (the Nickelodeon series) begins October 28th, the week after Lower Decks’ season 2 finale. Prodigy runs for 20 weeks, which means it will be overlapping with…
    • Discovery season 4, premiering on November 18th. Season 3 ran for 13 episodes, so let’s assume the same of season 4 unless it’s announced otherwise, so if there are no breaks for the holidays, that puts the season finale on February 10th, at which point…
    • Picard season 2 starts “February 2022”, with Q and a modern day time travel plot and somehow the Borg Queen is involved. Picard ran for ten episodes in its first season, so if the same holds true for season 2…
    • The new Captain Pike-era series Strange New Worlds could start on April 28th, 2022, which last I heard would be a ten-episode season, which would end on…
    • …June 30th, 2022. Possible Lower Decks season 3 start date?
    • Keep in mind that Star Trek: Prodigy, if all 20 episodes run non-stop on a weekly basis, will overlap with Discovery and Picard, closing its first season on March 10th.

    Other things revealed:

    Strange New Worlds characters include Cadet Uhura, an Andorian Aenar (played by a blind actor), Dr. M’Benga, Nurse Chapel, and…a descendant of Khan??!?

    Picard season 3 will be filming fairly soon. I can only assume that Paramount’s going to work Patrick Stewart the way Big Finish has been working Tom Baker: we don’t know how long you’re gonna be around, so we’re getting as much stuff in the can with you as possible right now.

    Lower Decks gets a Mirror universe episode.

    Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Cut gets a 4K UHD release on Blu-Ray and on streaming. No release date, but a clip was shown.

    And lastly…holy hell, am I gonna be busy for the foreseeable future.

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