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    It turns out there’s a reason La-La Land’s new ST:TNG soundtrack set is called “Volume 1” – a second volume is on the way, since the label says it has “leftovers.” And after that? Deep Space Nine volume 1! [LINK] Forum posts I’ve seen on the net have indicated that TNG Volume 2 may hit around Christmastime, or early 2012; I’d assume that the people posting this news heard this from the folks representing the label, so perhaps it’s best to drop a grain of salt in the dilithium crystal chamber. It won’t blow anything up. I think.

    TNG Volume 1 sold out at San Diego, by the way – at least the few hundred that they took to the show. It’ll be available online in just over a week.

    Bear McCreary’s music from AMC’s zombie series The Walking Dead will also be out on La-La Land, but not until season 2 has hit the air. Also on the way: a soundtrack for the first and only season of Caprica, as well as his soundtrack from the already-canned NBC superhero show The Cape.

    The mining of the Bat-movie-music-archives will continue in October with a full-score release of Elliot Goldenthal’s Batman Forever.

    Perhaps the biggest jaw-dropper of the show was that Shirley Walker’s awesome music from the one-season-wonder Space: Above & Beyond is finally coming, and it too may be a multi-disc set.

    Varese Sarabande will be releasing the soundtracks from Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and the remake of Fright Night, both in August. ROTPOTA’s music is by Patrick Doyle (Thor), while the Fright Night remake is scored by Ramin Djawadi (Game Of Thrones).

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