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    There’s a new ELO tribute coming in August, with proceeds going to benefit George Harrison’s Material World Foundation and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital, which both George and Jeff Lynne have supported in the past. The neat thing about this tribute album is that the artists are all fans who happen to be decent musicians.

    Here’s a tracklist:

    01 – Mission (A New World Record)
    performed by Triangle Paradise

    02 – Stranger
    performed by Damien Spanjer

    03 – Strange Magic
    performed by Nun the Wiser

    04 – Danger Ahead
    performed by Matt Albright & Bill Casper

    05 – Cant Get It Out of My Head
    performed by Rubber Universe

    06 – Daybreaker
    performed by Andy Brown

    07 – Oh No Not Susan
    performed by The Bagweeds

    08 – Showdown
    performed by Matthew Gough

    09 – Night in the City
    performed by Poorboy

    10 – From the End of the World
    performed by Jamie Amos ft. Shaz Pratt & Conrad Shields

    11 – Whisper in the Night*
    performed by Casey McCammon

    12 – Mr. Blue Sky
    performed by Scattered Light Orchestra

    All songs written by Jeff Lynne except * by Roy Wood.

    I raved about Rubber Universe’s debut album not too long ago (most days they’re a kind of “stylistic tribute band” to Alan Parsons Project – sort of like L.E.O. was a “stylistic tribute” to ELO – playing original material in that style, so this only confirms that group’s exceptional taste in music), and I’ve known Damien through the ELO mailing list for years. There are good folks involved in this one, for a good cause, so this release not only needs attention drawn to it, but it just jumped straight up to damn near the top of my Album Anticipation List for the remainder of 2010.

    You can hear samples and pre-order here. The CD ships in August. :listen:

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    I like the album cover (enough to change my avatar) but I’m on the fence with the music. There’s certain songs I expect to be arranged a certain way and I don’t tolerate radical departures. “Can’t Get it Out of My Head” is one of those. Very heavy on the guitars very light on the violins (I think I heard a bass fiddle in the sample).

    But then again I tend to enjoy covers of songs especially if they do radically depart from the original arrangements. In other words, I might be OK with the other songs in the album. “From the End of the World”, for example, sounds promising. “Showdown”? Not so much. I’m liking what I hear so far from “Daybreaker” and “Stranger”.


    Looks like I wasn’t the only one who had a problem trying to order. From the Scattered Light Facebook page:

    For anyone having problems submitting a PayPal payment through the website order form, please e-mail Project Manager Mike Carrothers directly at to receive a direct PayPal invoice instead. Thank you.

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