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    No track listing yet, just a cover with very interesting credits. You can already pre-order it in the store.

    For whatever it’s worth, this is almost identical to how the music is credited on Clone Wars and Rebels:

    music for this show by KEVIN KINER
    Star Wars themes and music by JOHN WILLIAMS

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I hope to hear the “buhhhh-da-da-DAAAAAAHHHHH!” Death Star motif at least a couple of times.

    Maybe my recent “Wars Without Williams” soundtrack podcast was totally wrong-headed…


    Two words: flawlessly Williams-esque.

    I know Williams-esque is a made-up word. Work with me here.

    I devoted a whole podcast last month to easing anyone’s worries about a Star Wars movie without John Williams doing the music. I needn’t have worried – it’s actually kind of hard to tell it’s not him. Giacchino is one of the many, many current composers who was inspired by Star Wars as a kid; he’s assimilated the Williams house style perfectly. His use of Williams’ actual recognizable themes is sparing, which makes them really effective when they show up.

    I’ve gone out of my way to avoid spoilers for Rogue One; I haven’t even seen all the trailers and am really only vaguely aware of who is actually starring in the thing. This…finally makes it feel “real” for me. There’s a new Star Wars movie out, and it sounds like a Star Wars movie.

    That being said, I wonder if we’ll ever get to hear any of the music composed by Alexandre Desplat before Giacchino took over – either some sort of bonus disc down the road, or, heaven forbid, it gets leaked somewhere.

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