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    It only took 28 years… [LINK]

    By the way, these are all available now – at a bit of a premium – in the Store. I say a premium because some of these are what I’d call EPs, but they’re asking for LP money.

    …not one, not two, not even three… but four official Red Dwarf soundtracks!

    The new albums have been put together and released by Howard himself, as an independent digital-only release to go alongside his previous Red Dwarf Piano Fantasies tracks. He’s personally hand-selected which pieces from his vast library to include – not just tracks you might have heard in the episodes, but also some unused pieces of score that have never seen the light of day before now. And not only that, but he’s gone through and put them together into album-length single tracks, digitally remastering them so that they flow together as one glorious whole. So what’s on each one?

    The first album consists of two tracks: Captain Rimmer’s Mandolin, which has just under twelve minutes of material from Series VI; and Bach to Reality, which is eighteen minutes from Series IV and V. Then the second album is a single track titled Eine Kleine Ductmusic, which is a whopping 25 minutes – much of it never heard before – from Series VII. The third album, Let It Smeg, has fourteen minutes of Series X material, before a bonus track called Red Dwarf Antique Extras – a selection of odds and extras from the first three series. And then there’s Krysis, What Krysis?, the fourth album which has all the used and unused score for the most recent Series XI.

    Oh, and in case you were wondering about the series suddenly becoming incomplete when Series XII airs next year? A fifth compilation, Rhapsody in Red, will be released to cover that series shortly after broadcast. See, that Howard thinks of everything…


    I have to admit, these are much better than I expected. Very much improved sound from the audio rips of the DVD isolated score features that have been circulating for years (though in the absence of anything else, I have always greatly appreciated the DVD scores and they still have the advantage of being relatively “complete”, whereas these remastered releases are highlights). One thing that I noticed is that the unused cues really jump out at you; Red Dwarf has been using many of the same little chunks of music since 1988, and we’ve had years to listen to the show’s “music library” on the DVDs, and so the circa-1988 stuff that’s never made it out of the vaults before really stands out – hey, I’ve never heard that before! In fact, most of the stuff in the “first three seasons” selection has never been heard before.

    My favorite selections are really Red Dwarf VII (with the great big themes for Ace Rimmer hunting Nazis while air-surfing on the back of an alligator, and later for the graveyard of all the Aces Rimmer before him) and Red Dwarf XI (nice to get to hear the music without the audience laugh track obscuring it so soon).

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