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    Apparently Barrowman has blown the secret: Torchwood is returning… in audio/radio form. [LINK]

    Speaking at a press conference for US action drama Arrow, in which he plays Malcolm Merlyn, Barrowman reportedly commented: “I do know that we’re doing three or four radio plays for the BBC for Torchwood.”

    The actor revealed that one of the radio plays will apparently feature the whole Torchwood team, while the others will be “character-based.”

    He is also said to have confirmed that Torchwood creator Russell T Davies and executive producer Julie Gardner are involved: “It’s the team back together.”

    I wonder…does “the whole Torchwood team” = Jack/Gwen/Ianto, or Jack/Gwen/Ianto/Tosh/Owen?


    Ah, the beans spill at last: Torchwood now lives at Big Finish. [LINK]

    Torchwood, the intrepid team of alien investigators, returns in a series of six audio productions, as part of a licensing deal with BBC Worldwide.

    Once again, the Torchwood team will be led by the irrepressible Captain Jack, as played by John Barrowman – who broke the news of the series return on his radio show on Sunday evening.

    The new series of audio dramas will each focus on different members of the Torchwood team, exploring the impact that a mysterious event has on them. Starting off the range will be John Barrowman, who stars in The Conspiracy, a deadly thriller by David Llewellyn, which is released September 2015.

    Torchwood creator Russell T Davies says: “Torchwood has been to the Moon, and America, and the Himalayas, but now I think it’s finally coming home, to the brilliance of Big Finish.”

    “What’s great about Torchwood is that it is as unstoppable as Captain Jack and just as persuasive,” says producer James Goss. “Torchwood has been a ratings success on nearly every BBC channel, and it’s one of the few UK series to translate to America. It’s already been a series of iPlayer-topping audio plays, and we are thrilled to continue it. It’s just so exciting to be starting off the range with a drama starring John Barrowman – he leapt at the chance to display a whole new side to Captain Jack.”

    Man, if only Big Finish could revive the Sarah Jane Adventures now. Sigh.

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