R.I.P. Robin Sachs

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    You’ve seen his face in what sometimes seemed like every third episode of Babylon 5, and he was also the big bad in Galaxy Quest. (Minor bit of trivia: he was also the son of actor Leonard Sachs, who played Borusa in the Doctor Who story Arc Of Infinity.)

    Bruce Boxleitner and Armin Shimerman both tweeted today that Robin Sachs has passed away. He’s got quite the resume just looking through the episode guides:

    Babylon 5
    Hedronn – Points Of Departure, All Alone In The Night
    Na’Kal – The Fall Of Night, Walkabout
    Coplann – In The Beginning
    Na’Tok – Movements Of Fire And Shadow, The Fall of Centauri Prime

    Star Trek: Voyager
    Valen – The Void
    (poor guy – all those B5 guest shots and he has to go over to Voyager to be Valen.)

    Nowhere Man
    Alexander Hale – Contact, Hidden Agenda

    Torchwood: Miracle Day
    British Professor – The New World

    Other shows he’s been in that don’t have guides here: Buffy (as Ethan Rayne), Alias, Castle, F/X, NCIS, to name just a few. He’d also done a lot of voice work for games and animation in recent years: Tales Of The Old Republic, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age: Origins, again, just to name a few.

    Oddly enough, he would’ve been 62 today.

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    How did Armin Shimerman know him? Unless it was from Buffy?

    Wasn’t it actually him in the suit for Galaxyquest? I haven’t watched the extras in a while, but I thought they actually put him in the costume for the role, which was extremely heavy. Still, great voice for that part. A very distinctive, classy voice. I’m amazed he didn’t make his living just doing audiobooks.

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