R.I.P. Maggie Stables (Big Finish Who’s Dr. Evelyn Smythe)

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    Damn it. As if it’s not bad enough that the last few years have seen Pertwee-era cast and crew members dropping like flies, we’re now losing Big Finish cast members – a sobering reminder that Doctor Who a la Big Finish has been around for well over a decade at this point. [LINK]

    It is with the greatest sorrow that we regret to report the death of actress Maggie Stables, who many Big Finish Doctor Who listeners knew as the Sixth Doctor’s companion, Evelyn Smythe.

    Maggie died peacefully in her sleep on the night of Friday the 26th of September after a long illness.

    “Evelyn Smythe made Doctor Who history. The first, dare I say it, ‘elderly’ companion of the Doctor’s. Maggie was superb in the role and she and her Doctor, Colin Baker, immediately hit it off. And even though Maggie appeared in two ‘final’ adventures for Evelyn, it was always our intention to continue working with her — such is the advantage of time travel. I was very pleased to welcome her back for another trilogy in 2011.”

    “As a friend of Maggie’s, I knew she had suffered and largely recovered from serious illness before that recording, but it was clear to me that she was still too poorly to continue with the rigours of studio work — even though you would never have known from her great performance. Always the professional.”

    I always liked that Evelyn flew in the face – in fact, she was designed to fly in the face – of the young/attractive companion tradition, but even better, she was able to give the Doctor (and the sixth Doctor at that) a run for his money. Even once she was aware of his true nature, Evelyn always saw the Doctor as the youngster, and she was a history professor as well, so she was in for frequent surprises. 😆 Just a nicely constructed character and a consistently good performance.

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