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    Just found out that Keith Robinson, the president of Intellivision Productions, has died of complications from a heart condition.

    This just rocks me back on my heels. I hadn’t talked to Keith in ages, but man, once he knew you, he treated you like his best pal for life. Even if you were some guy who showed up once every other CGE. I remember at the alumni dinner at CGE 2003, I was kinda trying to blend into the furniture, and between Steve Woita and Keith, pretty soon I knew everyone in the room. First day of the show, I was wearing my Intellivision shirt, and Keith just ran over to me as I came in the door, like that shirt meant half his work was done and we could just talk turkey. 😆 A great, warm, friendly guy. Very real. I always got the feeling I was getting zero BS from him, even in sales pitch mode (and trust me, he relieved me of some of my money, nearly every time I saw him).

    I hope INTV Productions has a plan for going forward in his absence, even though I’m sure to his longtime colleagues, his absence is at least as unthinkable as it is to the rest of us. He organized them into a collective that bought the rights to the software and the platform from Mattel when Mattel bailed out of the business, and they were really effectively the only group of original ’80s programmers in town still successfully exploting their IP.

    This really is almost a Ralph Baer-level kick in the gut. Having a hard time digesting the news.

    Steve W
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    Oh man, that’s terrible to hear. I have a huge amount of love for the Intellivision, and his team’s work has given me huge amounts of pixellated happiness throughout the years.

    What have the Blue Sky Rangers been doing lately? Are they actually working on something? Or are they just getting royalties off things like the Intellivision Flashback?

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    Seems like I’d read something recently about a reissue or update of the INTV Flashback this year, so not exactly resting on their laurels. That’s one indisputable thing about Keith Robinson – he wasn’t content for his team to let the grass grow beneath their feet.

    Here’s the statement from the official Intellivision Lives Facebook page, posted only about half an hour ago:

    It is with overwhelming sadness that we let you know Keith Robinson passed away today of kidney failure and cardiac arrest. His health had been declining in the last few months, but this was nonetheless a shock.
    Please know that all of you Intellivision fans brought immeasurable joy to his life. Thank you so much for that.
    If you have a favorite Intellivision or Keith memory or photo, we encourage you to share it here as a Comment or a Post to this Page so that our whole community can remember him together. #intellivisionlives

    Funny thing is, you’d almost have to be trying to not wind up with Keith in the middle of your photos you took at CGE. He was just larger than life, whether he was indoctrinating new Intellivision fans…

    …just holding court at the Intellivision Lives booth…

    …or, best of all, at the end of a three-day, all-weekend event, faced with having to pack up a bunch of heavy Intellivision swag and take it back, he’d just gather everyone around and start chucking free goodies at them. 😆

    Once Keith was chucking freebies into the crowd, that was your signal that CGE was almost over.

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