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    Steve Moore, who worked on lots of stuff (including, notably, 2000 A.D.), was one of the major early contributors to the comic strips in Doctor Who Weekly (later Doctor Who Monthly, now Doctor Who Magazine). Some of his recurring original characters and concepts were in play as recently as the McGann “era”. [LINK]

    One brief footnote in his illustrious and prolific career was his work on the Doctor Who Weekly comic, writing both the back-up strips and the lead. The back-up strips had an odd format, presenting further adventures around Doctor Who monsters and villains, presenting former antagonists as protagonists. What they did for any young reader was to create the sense of a ‘world of Doctor Who’, of a fascinating universe above and beyond the bits encountered by the Doctor on television. Monsters not glimpsed on screen for over ten years (literally a lifetime as far as readers were concerned) were brought to life in thrilling escapades of their own, and all on the basis of a few murky production stills, a novelisation, and the writer’s own memory.

    The link above is a good overview of the incredible depth Moore brought to a comic series that could just as easily have been lightweight, throwaway nonsense.

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