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    I’ve got my eye on a digital voice recorder at Radio Shack (specifically because, thanks to an incident that’s almost too complicated to go into, I have about $70 store credit there), and have been seriously considering doing more casting o’ the pods in 2011. Something other than just playing music that I don’t always have permission to be playing radio-style.

    I’ve tried to think up a few ideas for podcasts that would be… well, uniquely me. Whether or not even one other human being would be remotely interested in them is a whole different story.

    – The amazing true story of Jump Cut City (complete with audio extracts)
    – Stories from my radio days (including embarrassing commercials that I voiced, possibly interspersed with a handful of songs that actually stuck around as personal favorites) – done
    – I’m not with the band (embarrassing and interesting stories from my numerous attempts to be a musician, complete with sound clips: The Satan Brothers, Greenskulls, and other assorted dabblings)
    – ?

    When would I be doing the recording? During the only alone time I have anymore – get ready for it…

    …while I’m driving to and from work. 😆

    Steve W
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    The Satan Brothers? The Greenskulls? Were you in an earlier version of Tenacious D? Those sound like the kinds of band names Jack Black and Kyle Gass would come up with.


    The Satan Brothers were a band – if you can call it that – that I co-founded with a couple of classmates in high school. The name was really just there to piss people off, but in actuality, we were about as incendiary as They Might Be Giants.

    Greenskulls was while I was in college; it was me and a guy named Mike Scully. We played oddly teched-up folk music. Mike was a Dylan acolyte and I was a Jeff Lynne fan, so we were kinda micro-Wilburying our way through it.


    The playlists and edited-together suites are falling into place, I have a rough outline of stuff to talk about for each item… it’s almost time for the annual music podcasts!

    The non-soundtrack stuff will be crammed into two king-sized podcasts. There’s quite a bit of good stuff here, but from relatively few artists; this portion won’t be as extensive as last year’s. Also, some of the music in the non-soundtrack part will be remasters/reissues, which I normally don’t do, except that one of these two instances is a selection of material that’s never been released before and might as well be new, and another selection is just stacked with sonic awesomeness. I struggled with the “remasters or no remasters?” issue in the past – I could’ve done a whole extra hour of remastered Beatles last year – and finally caved in this year.

    Soundtracks will be divided into three categories, each of which may take up two whole podcasts: new releases (from movies and shows that premiered this year), reissues (soundtracks from older stuff), and – drum roll please – a separate section just dealing with Star Trek music. There’s been so bloody much of it released this year that I thought I’d have mercy on those who aren’t interested in it and isolate it in its own podcast.

    Virtually ALL of the soundtrack selections are edited-together suites this year. This is one of the most painstaking and, frankly, fun parts of doing this thing. I like showing off my music editing chops: it’s a creative exercise, and I like highlighting stuff that I thought was very interesting that might’ve slipped under other people’s radar. There’s a pretty lengthy chunk of music from the last season of Lost (there were four CDs worth of music from that season released this year [!!]), but instead of it being weighted toward the finale, its heavily weighted toward what I thought was the season’s most interesting episode, Ab Aeterno, which happened to have some of the best music.

    The average length of the soundtrack suites is about 12 minutes each; you get a pretty good sampling of each. The longest suites, each at 20 minutes, are Doctor Who and Lost, each sampling from 4 CDs worth of material.

    The Trek music podcast includes stuff that has never been officially released.

    I hope you guys like Bear McCreary and Michael Giacchino – there’s a LOT of those two, as usual.

    New release suites, in no particular order:
    Dark Void / Dark Void Zero (game soundtrack), Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica: Razor / The Plan, Human Target, Inception, Lost, Tron Legacy, Tron Evolution (game)

    Reissue suites, again in no order:
    Black Sunday (John Williams last pre-Star Wars score), Lone Gunmen / Harsh Realm, Independence Day, Innerspace, Krull, The Flash, Batman.

    Trek suites:
    Unreleased material from ST:TMP, First Contact and Nemesis; reissues of ST II, ST III and ST 2009; Ron Jones music from seasons 1, 2 and 3 of TNG; episode-specific Jones suites: 11001001, Skin Of Evil, Q Who; unreleased non-Jones music from ST:TNG: Hide & Q, Ensigns of Command, Relics, Face Of The Enemy; unreleased music from Enterprise: Regeneration, In A Mirror Darkly, These Are The Voyages; others TBA. Most of the Trek suites will weigh in at about 7-8 minutes due to the sheer amount of material to cover.

    What didn’t make it in:
    Spacecamp (I listened and listened and just couldn’t muster enough interest to put a suite together), Spartacus (6 CD set – haven’t had time to listen to it all!), Conan and Lawrence Of Arabia re-recordings (we have soundtrack cover bands now?), Burton/Elfman box set (it’s not going to be out in time, and I’ve already got Batman in there, and besides, Batman’s already in there), Space Battleship Yamato live action movie (hasn’t been released yet – it may make it in or it may not; I’m hearing lots of rumors that they either just rerecorded the original anime soundtrack or used the original 1970s recordings [!!]).

    The Trek podcast(s) may not be out until January sometime, just to give everyone a breather.

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