Plex is launching a game subscription service filled with Atari games

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    From Plex:

    Game On: A Plex Blog Story

    It should come as no surprise that we here at Plex are media lovers. Consummate curators of all that streamy goodness. Voracious imbibers at the fount of all content. Okay, gross, but you get the point. Anyway, every so often an armchair Reddit philosopher comes forth to question some basic truths: “What exactly is the nature of ‘Media’?” they ask. And “How can Plex help us media lovers more fully consummate our curationship?” Okay, sorry, gross again. But it’s a fair question, and one that deserves a little more attention.

    Not to date ourselves, but quite a few of us are products of the ‘80s and ‘90s. And when we think about the media that shaped our childhoods and young adult lives, there was one thing that defined us and made it clear that even though we were weird, at the very least we weren’t weird alone. That’s right: stamp collections!

    Oh wait. We meant VIDEO GAMES.


    From The Verge:

    Plex is launching a game subscription service filled with Atari games

    Plex, well known as a service for streaming movies, music, and TV shows from your own computer, is now adding another thing you can stream: video games (via Protocol). Plex announced the new service, called Plex Arcade, on its blog and also launched a website for it. The service will cost $3 a month if you’re a Plex Pass subscriber, and $5 a month if you’re not.

    Instead of focusing on modern console or phone games like its competitors, Plex lets you play Atari games. It’s taking the arcade name seriously, as you can play arcade classics from Atari, like Centipede, Super Breakout, and Missile Command, as well as games from the Atari 2600 and 7800. Overall, there are 27 games available on the service.


    Uh, okay, but I really wanted Plex to bake in a service to play back audiobooks. Also, it’s only available on servers running either the Windows or Mac software, thus my FreeNAS server is OUT.

    “All parts should go together without forcing. You must remember that the parts you are reassembling were disassembled by you. Therefore, if you can’t get them together again, there must be a reason. By all means, do not use a hammer.” —IBM Manual, 1925

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    If Plex wanted to provide a nice front-end for all of my existing emulation/gaming needs, that would be dandy. But I’m not holding my breath.

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