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    It’s time. The PDF DVDs will be going out of print this year, to be replaced by a system where those interested can pay to either download MP4 files or DVD .ISO files from which they can burn their own physical discs if they absolutely need to. (I’m beta-testing the infrastructure for that right now.)

    If that works, the CGE ’03 and ’05 DVDs will probably follow suit (and will likely sell better in that format than they ever did as physical products), with the ability to buy individual panels without having to buy the whole disc.

    The day of physical media is quietly going out the door, and the day of DVD as the medium of choice certainly is. Also, less hassle with having to take discs to the post office. What physical inventory I have left will become “convention exclusives”.

    The same infrastructure will also be used to sell ebooks of the various books. Those will still be available in physical form through Amazon/Createspace, but again this will help me automate delivery and sidestep the whole “your reward for your hard work is what’s left after we deduct our five pounds of flesh” Kindle fee structure. If VWORP!1 and 2 sell better digitally than in print, WARP!1 may be an ebook only, and certainly the Brit SFTV guide.

    Big changes are coming; it’s time to simplify some of this stuff. Think of this as the nephew of the decision to stop hand-coding my pages and switch to WordPress several years ago: it’s a move to spend more time creating and less time on back-end grunt work.

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    When it comes to movies, I don’t believe the Internet infrastructure is robust enough in the United States at this time. Sure, there are islands of excellent connectivity, but I also have a friend whose only Internet connectivity is through mobile or dialup, with satellite Internet being a too-expensive option. Take a look at the agreement between Netflix and Comcast, especially since Netflix sells a product that competes directly with Comcast’s core product. With data caps, that option isn’t really viable.

    As for video games, books, and audiobooks…. it makes a bit more sense. No more physical product, just wait a while for the download.

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    The product’s been out there since 2008; the two-disc set is now discounted to $15. Orders for physical DVDs have tailed off to such a degree that I think it’s safe to say those who want the physical DVD have probably gotten one; time to shift method delivery and see if I pick up customers who might find digital delivery more palatable.

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