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    Big Finish has had to suddenly revise its cover artwork for next year’s audio releases; the BBC apparently insisted that they needed to use the logo developed for all other 50th anniversary merch. [LINK]

    Yes, we’ve redecorated – and we’re sure you’ll like it. The new logo and cover design can be seen on subscriber special Doctor Who: Night of the Stormcrow, out this month for those who’ve taken out a main range subscription including Doctor Who: 1001 Nights. The story can also be pre-ordered now in advance of its full release in December 2013.

    Keep an eye out, as well, for stories which tie in to the 50th anniversary in a big way – there’ll be a gorgeous anniversary TARDIS logo on these special releases…

    Hmmmmm. I’m not sure what to make of the anniversary logo, but then I’ve always had that feeling every time another multiples-of-ten-years anniversary rolls around:

    Which do you prefer?

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    I’m OK with the 50th anniversary logo except for the background.

    Did you put the white background in Earl, or was that the BBC? If the former then I apologize ahead of time for my harshness.

    The white doesn’t work because it make the “Doctor Who” word hard to read. The two letter “O’s” are partially missing as a result. They need some kind of neutral background for the logo. A gray or dark blue perhaps.

    The TARDIS is golden because it’s the 50th anniversary? OK, I guess. I agree in principal but I would rather see the original color of the TARDIS.

    EDIT: OK, I see it on the 2nd CD cover and it looks OK with the blue background. It’s not a lot better or a lot worse than the other one. Slightly worse, I think.


    I didn’t put it on the white background; I snagged that.

    I’m not sure whose bright idea it was to have any part of the logo be transparent. It doesn’t help. But you’re playing in the BBC’s sandbox, what’re you going to do?

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