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    I’m pulling my notes together so I can cast some pods this coming week. I’ll be marooned at home without a car, Little E will be at daycare for a couple of days (gotta get that socialization-with-kids-his-own-age in), so why not? I’m planning on getting at least two, maybe three podcasts recorded Monday or Tuesday, and edit through the rest of the week.

    Two of them will be music-heavy podcasts, and I’m hoping to crank out a third where it’s not basically a glorified radio show (more like Flack’s podcasts). I do outlines and notes rather than full scripts, then I go back and do epic editing session to obliterate the frequent blurts of “um…” as best I can. Maybe I can stay on the horse this time and keep at it on a regular basis.

    The music podcasts may turn into multi-installment epics. The “best stuff I listened to in 2012” podcast all in one shot would probably be in excess of six hours; better to break it into six one-hour installments (or more half-hour installments) to save everyone’s sanity and to spread things out a bit so it presents at least the appearance of a regular weekly-ish thing.

    What do you think I should yammer on about?

    Steve W
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    Will you be playing everything that you’ve been listening to in 2012? Won’t you get in trouble with the RIAA for that?


    Not everything, just some edited highlights. And the music podcasts are always get-’em-while-they’re-there – I don’t think any one of them has ever stayed up for more than a couple of weeks. The site’s loyal audience of about a couple dozen people has plenty of opportunities to grab it. 😆

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