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    No subforum for Earl’s podcasts? Shocking!

    Let this be the official PDF podcast thread.

    Post anything podcast related here. Questions, comments, etc.

    I’ll start with a question:

    How do I get the complete collection of PDF podcasts? Are they all on the web available for me to download or do you (Earl) need to upload and share even more?

    OK, that was two question. 😉

    One more:

    Here is a list of the podcasts I have:

    – 2008podcast-part1 and part2
    – extraordinarymagnitude2010 parts a thru e
    – drwho-podcast-01 and drwho-podcast02

    9 files total. Are there any more out there? Where can I get them? Must complete my collection!


    I think those are officially my only stabs at casting my pods forth into the universe. (Wait, that sounded… suspect.) 2008 was the first “hey, here’s me talking nasally and at great length about music I liked” podcast; prior to that, I just edited a few pieces of music together into about the unlikeliest montages imaginable. Really fun when I decided to mix-and-match soundtrack and non-soundtrack stuff.

    The Doctor Who podcasts vanished because of sheer lack of time. I could swear I did a third one, which would’ve been for The Unquiet Dead, but I don’t know where it went.

    What I really need in order do any more podcasting than I already do is something like a portable voice recorder thingie that craps out nice shiny MP3 or WAV files that I can work from once I get home. As it is, right now to record something I have to nail myself down in front of the computer.

    I wish I could do more “sitting down and watching this show for the first time” podcasts for stuff like Doctor Who or what have you, but at the moment it seems like all I get to watch is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Charlie & Lola. A lot. Let alone the free time (and the alone time) to watch or podcast anything. Which is sorta why the site’s gone dormant.


    Oh, also, if you want to hear a rather starstruck phone interview I conducted a little while ago… meaning “a few weeks after I turned 21″… check here. :listen:


    No casting of the pods this week – I had been planning to do an “OVGE wrap-up” podcast, but a couple of days of sick kid over the weekend hosed my schedule down with lack-of-win. Hopefully back on the air the second week of November, OVGE podcast or no.

    In vaguely related news, I have a new phone that might (or might not!) take care of my digital voice recorder needs – still investimigating this possibility. That would be dandy: all the time I spend talking to myself could be put to far more productive use that way!

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