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    Well well well, cross another one off the Big Finish bucket list. Another actor who swore never to return to Doctor Who is returning to Doctor Who.

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    I don’t think he eve swore not to ever return, plus if he had who could blame him? The way fans and even the “fans’ who created New WHO in novel and audios treated both Matthew and Adric…he’d have a right not to return out of being hurt. I’m glad he returns but I hope they do not F it up like they did in that horrible, horrible audio BOY TIME FORGOT (I HATE that audio!)

    Love to see Matt with Tom but I doubt that would happen


    I doubt it would happen for two reasons:

    1. Reportedly, Tom disliked Matthew even more than any of his subsequent co-stars in the Davison era. That’s one of those really disappointing behind-the-scenes factoids; they had a really interesting mentor-and-pupil rapport on screen.

    2. Where would these stories go? Warriors’ Gate leads directly into The Keeper of Traken, and that story leads directly into Logopolis, with no apparent pause between the three. I know Big Finish has crammed entire eras in between such gaps before (i.e. the “Perimem” era jammed between Planet Of Fire and The Caves Of Androzani), but this would strain credulity to the breaking point, as much as I would like to see more of that rapport.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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