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    So I have a friend who is a huge fan of David Cronenberg. He nearly owns every movie Cronenberg’s ever directed on DVD, and to those that apply, he has the Criterion Collection for all of them. Anyways, after refusing for about the 20th time after being asked to watch Videodrome, I notice the special edition of Naked Lunch. On the supplemental disc, there are various marketing materials for the film. I ask him if he’s ever watched the trailer for it. He says no, so I put the disc in. I’ve already seen the trailer (but not the film) ever since a classmate of mine did a report on William S. Burroughs a couple of years back. There’s only one reason why I remember watching the trailer, and it’s:

    The music.

    It’s a very distinct piece, obviously new wave/synth stylings. That in itself is kind of incongruous, considering that the movie came out in 1991. It sounds very familiar to me. I checked out the official soundtrack on Amazon, and this trailer piece is nowhere to be found. It’s been driving me crazy. I want to say it’s borrowed from somewhere else, but I can’t say for sure. Anybody else out there know?

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