Kelly Groucutt video – "Am I A Dreamer"

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    Man, ELO-related stuff arrives in small flocks, doesn’t it?

    It turns out that not only was there a video shot to coincide with the late, great Kelly Groucutt’s 1982 solo album, featuring everyone else but Jeff, but someone’s posted it on Youtube.

    I’m accustomed to Kelly with the ’70s quasi-‘fro, or bald-with-a-long-ponytail as I saw him play live. Kinda hard to reconcile either of those looks with the fresh-faced youngster in this video. 😆 Sadly, the sound quality is as lamentable as the 2009 CD “remaster” of his album (I think that was someone trying to “remaster” in their back room with Audacity or something), and given that this was almost certainly recorded on VHS, maybe they sourced the sound from the CD. It’d be a revelation to hear this album not sounding like a third-generation cassette dub.

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