Kelly Groucutt (late ELO bassist) solo album remastered

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    …for real, this time, apparently. There’s a reissue coming out in Japan in November which, if the online sample track is anything to go by, was mastered from far superior source material than the version of Kelly which was marketed through the ELO fan club in the past few years.

    You can read my carping about the godawful sound of the fan club version here (I also griped about this in the best-of-2009 podcast, if I recall correctly), and then go and listen to the sample track from the JP reissue here. The difference is astounding against the fan club edition’s tinny, almost bass-free sound (ironic since the guy was a bass player).

    I’ve added links to the new version in Store. The US link isn’t active yet, but I have to imagine that this ain’t gonna be cheap.

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