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    I don’t have enough cash on me to just run out and grab all the new albums… so I bought downloads of just the new bonus tracks on Amazon. (I didn’t buy any bonus tracks that were former B-sides that I’d heard before, i.e. “Borderline”.)

    Armchair Theatre:
    “Forecast” (1989)
    Interesting – this fits Armchair Theatre very well, since it’s more or less contemporary with that album. Slow ballad, great harmonies, just a little bluesy here and there. Very relaxing. Wilbury-era Jeff, but Wilbury-era Jeff doing his own thing; I remember Rolling Stone complaining that Armchair Theatre sounded too much like Jeff was imitating his fellow Wilburys, to the point that you could tell who he was “trying to be” on each song.

    Electric Light Orchestra Live:
    “Out of Luck” (2010)
    So rockabilly, it’s almost like he’s “trying to be” Elvis. I know Jeff digs this stuff, but it’s just not what I’m really looking for when I say “Hey, I want to listen to some Jeff Lynne.”

    “Cold Feet” (1992)
    I don’t have CD liner notes to refer to, so I’m not sure what this was intended for – an Armchair Theatre follow-up that never happened? A movie soundtrack? Just for giggles? Nice song, though, even if the lyrics are repetitive. Fits in very well with Armchair Theatre.

    “One Day” (2004) [Youtube]
    A really nice song, maybe my favorite of the bunch. Contemporary with the Sony ELO reissues from about ten years ago, so this was probably originally intended to be a bonus track on one of those. This is kind of how I picture an original new album from Jeff sounding.

    I’ll get the albums themselves as funds permit.

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