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    Joe Walsh has announced the title of his new album, Analog Man, with a slightly nebulous release date of “winter 2012” (does that mean early next year or late next year?).

    Why I’m mentioning this here: several songs on Analog Man were produced by one Mr. Jeffrey Lynne.

    Just thought I’d say something here since it seems like almost all of the non-spambot members are ELO fans to some degree. 😎

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    w00t! w00t!


    Believe it or not, I was at an auto servicing place when I posted that, and didn’t mean to post it twice!

    I did, however, preserve your multitudes of enw00tlement for the generations to come. In order to facilitate further w00tificationalizationism… and stuff… here’s a quote from Walsh on a rock news site [LINK]:

    As he explains, “I know in the past, I’ve had screwy album titles, but I decided to call it ‘Analog Man.’ Because, you know, my generation of musicians, we grew up analog, and now it’s a digital world. We had to learn it, you know? Everything’s totally different. There’s no record companies — who knew that would happen? They were so powerful when I was young!”

    Despite the album title, Walsh also revealed, “This is my first real experience doing my music digitally. In the old days, there was more of a tendency to set up the band, mic everything, record the whole band together and when you got a good take, that was it. You couldn’t go in and make everything perfect. Nowadays, music is constructed. Musicians come in and play their part, and you put them on one at a time.”

    Ha! He has been hanging out with Jeff Lynne. You can tell.

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    Working with Jeff Lynne? Life’s been good to him so far.


    Thanks to Lynn Hoskins of the Showdown ELO mailing list, there’s more info, including a February 2012 release date. She got her info, in turn, from the Oklahoma City Oklahoman (!!) [LINK].

    @The Oklahoman wrote:

    In February 2012 Walsh will release his first solo album since 1992’s “Songs for a Dying Planet.” Jeff Lynne, of Electric Light Orchestra (aka ELO) and Traveling Wilburys fame, is producing.

    “I met Jeff actually through my wife,” Walsh explained. It turns out Walsh is married to Marjorie Bach, younger sister of Barbara Bach, who is married to Ringo Starr, and they’re all friends of Lynne. “And so Ringo is my brother-in-law,” Walsh said. “That is cool, yeah.”

    As a producer, Lynne has been known to put his own sonic stamp — a sweeping, orchestral, ELO kind of sound — on other artists’ albums, most notably the work of the Wilburys and the late George Harrison, and Walsh said his forthcoming album is no exception.

    “He has his way of doin’ stuff,” the guitarist said. “And that’s part of the package. That’s part of what you get. And he kind of ELOs some of my music, and he took me in a direction I never would have gone in, just because I can’t comprehend it. But when I hear the stuff, I think a combination of the way he does stuff and the material I was workin’ on just worked together perfectly.”

    But don’t expect to hear Walsh soloing mightily in front of a full string section.

    “Well, there’s a little bit of that,” he admitted. “I didn’t give him full rein in that ’cause he’d put a whole orchestra on it if he could. It’s still a guitar album. But, yeah, there’s some textures and coloring and stuff throughout it all. It’s a real good example of where I’m at, and there’s some really good songs on it. I’m really, really proud of it.”

    I’d previously heard that Lynne was producing a few songs, sort of like what he did for the last Regina Spektor album. This makes it sound like he’s doing the whole record.

    Obviously the interviewer hasn’t listened to anything Lynne’s done post-Wilburys: about the only thing he’s put an orchestra on has been Zoom, and a couple of tracks from George Harrison’s Brainwashed album. Is he putting an ELO sound on everything he touches? No. Is he putting the Jeff Lynne sound on it? You betcha. There’s a big difference (see also: an entire decade worth of internet debate over whether Zoom is an ELO album or a Jeff Lynne solo album).

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    Zoom = Jeff Lynne.

    My argument is that it sounds a lot closer to Armchair Theater than anything put out by ELO. /rant

    If and when I get the latest Walsh EP, I would want to compare it to Walsh’s “Life’s Been good” to see how different his new songs are compared to his classic stuff.


    @ubikuberalles wrote:

    If and when I get the latest Walsh EP, I would want to compare it to Walsh’s “Life’s Been good” to see how different his new songs are compared to his classic stuff.

    I’m not enough of a Walsh fan to go grab his new album on its own merits. Perhaps sad, but I’m being honest. I’ll be getting this for the same reason I picked up that Regina Spektor album (and generally speaking, I really don’t like her stuff on a good day).

    Maybe we need a Jeff Lynne Fanatics subforum just to contain all the ELO chatter that’s likely to result from this crowd. 😆


    Looks like Analog Man has been dropped back to May or June, likely to line up with Walsh’s availability to tour alongside the release.

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    whelp, that’s the problem with being Analog instead of Digital: the results are never exact. /digital elitist


    Rolling Stone has the cover artwork and a stream of the title track here.

    Am I the only one having flashbacks to Dave Edmunds’ “Information” here? The funny thing about the line “What’s wrong with vinyl, I think it sounds great” is that you know Jeff Lynne’s run all of this through the ProTools cuisinart. 😆

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    Listening to the streaming now. Man that song brings back memories of his Ordinary Average Guy album (which is the only solo album of his I bought and listened to) and his days with the Eagles.

    Except for maybe the keyboards, my Lynne-dar hasn’t gone off yet.


    It’s still a neat song, very Walsh. And I do hear a lot of Lynne in there. I’m eagerly looking forward to this album.


    @Earl wrote:

    Am I the only one having flashbacks to Dave Edmunds’ “Information” here?

    Hello, me from the past, me from the future here. You nailed it.

    I listened to a stream of the entire album tonight, and still came up with the Information comparison. That’s still what it reminds me of. There are a few neat songs on there, but sometimes – and this album is hardly the first time I’ve had this thought – it seems like Joe Walsh is writing the same songs over and over again.

    Production is nice and clean, though surprisingly gimmicky in a couple of places, like 1980s Lynne – again, the reason I keep comparing it to the aforementioned Dave Edmunds album he produced.

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