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    Amazon has both albums on their website right now. You can only add it to your wish list (or preorder the CD) but the page does have sample tracks for you to listen to right now.

    Here are the links:

    Mr. Blue Sky:

    Long Wave:

    My officemate listened to the tracks for Mr. Blue Sky and he couldn’t tell the difference between the tracks on Mr. Blue Sky and the original tracks. I’m sure I can. The backing vocals for “Turn to Stone” are largely missing from the sample, which is pretty much what I was expecting. I’m sure Bev Bevan and others provided backing vocals for the previous version of the song and none of that was in the sample. Then again, it’s a sample, and that might be a section of the song that originally didn’t have backing vocals (I doubt it).

    I just listened to Livin’ Thing and I do note a slight difference in the backing vocals. I guess, with the new version, he is just overdubbing his own voice (and probably tweaking the pitch to make it match the original backing vocals).

    Anyway, when you get the chance, compare the samples on Mr. Blue Sky with that of the originals and see if you can tell the difference.


    Here’s the official Mr. Blue Sky video – this is the new re-recording. Once you can get past the freakish caricature of Jeff and the Martian War Machine sunflowers 😆 , it’s a nice enough recreation, but HE LEFT OFF THE FREAKING OUTRO! The best outro any rock song has ever had. I’m hoping maybe the CD will have the full fade-out on it and surprise me, but it was so dependent on the full orchestra sound that I’m doubting I’ll hear it. It’s not the whole song, but it’s one of the main things folks remember about the song. It’s the part that was used as soundtrack several time in the Doctor Who episode Love & Monsters, for example. It’s that memorable. Leaving it off is just… argh.

    While I was looking for that, I stumbled across this – apparently, this is the “new ELO song” on the Mr. Blue Sky CD. How a random YouTube poster got it, I have no idea.

    EDIT: holy crapoli, here’s another one I hadn’t heard until now. This one’s from Long Wave, and it’s freakin’ gorgeous, almost like Queen.


    I’ve listened to Point Of No Return about four times in a row… and the best description I can really come up with is “generically catchy.” Catchy tune. Lyrics don’t grab me.

    You know what would interest me? I’d rather hear a re-recorded series of songs from ELO’s first three and final three albums. The final three (Time, Secret Messages, Balance Of Power) were so synth-heavy that he never touches them now; I’d like to hear how he’d do something like Stranger or Is It Alright minus the early sampling keyboards. I’d also like to hear how he’d do Mr. Radio, Mama or Laredo Tornado now.

    With the exception of Showdown and 10538, almost all of the stuff he’s covering is from ELO’s “popular” period. OK, I get that he wants people to buy it, so you stick the most popular songs on it – I get that. I’ve got a mortgage to pay too. But if he continues down this road, I’d like to hear the less obvious stuff. I want to hear “So Serious” and “New World Rising” the way he’d do them now. And what’s with constantly avoiding the Xanadu material? “The Fall” is one of the best songs ELO ever did.

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    …final three albums. The final three (Time, Secret Messages, Balance Of Power)…


    I liked “Point of No Return”. It sounds like it could have come from the “Secret Messages” album.

    “She” was OK but I still like the Elvis Costello version best.

    EDIT: Oh, and Mr. Blue Sky without the outro? Kinda sucks. I’ve only heard the album version of that song. Was there ever a single version of the song and was the outro missing from that? If so then maybe Jeff was remaking the single version. Still, no excuse. The outro makes the song legend…wait for it…dary.

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