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    According to Yahoo new item Jeff Lynne is a “musical god”. Perhaps the reporter is overstating it but Jeff did get a star on the Hollywood walk of fame last month and praises from his peers including Joe Walsh and Tom Petty.

    The main point of this article, however, is that Mr. Lynne didn’t think he was that good of a musician until he starting working with musicians like George Harrison, Tom Petty and many others who told him how much they liked his work. So, if you believe the rhetoric of the article, Jeff is a pretty modest bloke.

    No news on concert dates.Of course the article above is three weeks old. Still I’d like to see concert dates. At the very least see the size of the venue. Lynne might still be smarting from the failure of the Zoom tour but, if he is modest about the venue size (3000-5000 people – Indian Casinos basically) he’ll pack the house. If he tries stadium sized venues, like he did with the Zoom tour, I think he’ll be disappointed (and lose that “honest bloke” moniker). However, I am reminded that he played in front of 50,000 fans last year so he may keep his tour limited to big cities (NY, LA, Chicago etc.) to support those numbers. I can’t imagine a smaller city like Phoenix or OKC could provide 50,000 fans for a Jeff Lynne concert. 3000-5000 would be more like it.

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