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    You may not be too excited about the first soundtrack to come out of this collaboration, but it may portend great things down the road: this team-up is probably the best shot we’ll ever have at an official release of The Black Hole on CD.

    Dreams can come true! Intrada proudly announces new series of soundtracks on CD, co-branded with Walt Disney Records. First title is premiere CD release of Academy Award-winning score by Michael Giacchino to Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios charming UP. Sentimental tale chronicles very real emotions of elderly man, from boyhood experience of meeting his future wife through tragedy of her death. He straps balloons to his house before it can be demolished, then embarks on wild, exciting adventure in the skies! Produced from original digital scoring session elements under supervision of composer & Disney engineers, album offers nealy one hour of warmly nostalgic, thunderingly dynamic score. Exciting release is start of new series of long-awaited soundtrack treasures from Disney vaults, presented from original session elements lovingly restored, all spotlighting premiere CD releases from animation & live action classics appearing throughout esteemed studio’s history! For UP, Tim Simonec conducts Los Angeles studio musicians in dynamic recording made by Dan Wallin at Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage. While quantities are generous, studio & musician agreements cap total pressings at 10,000 units!

    “Up” is available here; believe it or not, there hasn’t been a CD release for this movie already and there wasn’t one planned until Intrada stepped in (!!).

    The Disney releases from Intrada use the old Disneyland Records logo that I haven’t seen since the early ’80s, and even the cover artwork for Up is in a retro style rather than a still directly from the movie. It’s kinda cool.

    Believe me, if anyone’s aware of the demand for a Black Hole CD release, the guys at Intrada most definitely are. You can bet on it being pretty close to the top of their to-do list. Maybe it’s the “fan favorite” hinted at in this message to their customers:

    Our new CD of Michael Giacchino’s Oscar-winning score for Walt Disney/Pixar’s animation hit UP headlines a new series of soundtracks on CD, co-branded by Walt Disney Records & Intrada. This title was selected as the debut release with the hopes of reaching a wider audience than we have with our core group of soundtrack collectors. As with the Grammy Award-winning download program, we hope this CD will appeal not only to our soundtrack audience but to listeners who may not share a passion for Alex North, Jerry Fielding, Elmer Bernstein and Jerry Goldsmith… yet love good music just the same. And Mr. Giacchino’s tuneful, soaring and exciting score is just the perfect score to offer such appeal.

    For our smaller group of core collectors, we have more great news! Disney is already restoring elements and preparing fully-restored masters for titles we’ll be releasing just for you! (Coming next: a digitally-restored, newly-expanded genuine fan favorite!)

    And Intrada will continue licensing great scores from other Disney-owned properties such as John Scott’s powerhouse score for the Touchstone Pictures outdoor action film SHOOT TO KILL, which also just now makes its debut release on CD.

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    Call me when they do a reissue of “Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House:”,_Thrilling_Sounds_of_the_Haunted_House

    I actually have the original release on LP, but haven’t given it a spin yet. Or ever.


    Remember the “digitally-restored, newly-expanded genuine fan favorite” mentioned in the above press release?

    Intrada has hinted that their soon-to-be-announced next Disneyland release will “suck.”

    Perhaps in the manner of a collapsed star whose gravitational field has become so powerful that nothing can escape it – not even light!

    I’m just gonna back outta the blast radius while SteveW’s head explodes. (and mine too, if you wanna know the truth.)

    Steve W
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    Well, it’s about time. I wonder if they’re doing it since they’re looking to put the new version of the movie into production? Maybe get a little buzz building up?


    Apparently we’ll find out next Tuesday. Here’s the official vague hint from Intrada’s Roger Fiegelson over on their forums [LINK]:

    If all goes according to plan, one Disney/Intrada co-branded release that is completely remixed, expanded to completeness, and sucks. Not limited so relax. The other is a Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies, 2-CD set. Volume Dos.

    Smart money says:

    “Volume Dos” (i.e. Volume Two) is the second in Intrada’s excellently remastered series of soundtracks from classic Galactica.

    The Disney/Intrada release that sucks is almost certainly The Black Hole. The thought of having that score remixed and complete is, quite frankly, woody material. Hell, probably Buzz Lightyear too. Smart of them to make it unlimited – none of this quickly-selling-out collectors’-edition-that’s-suddenly-rare-all-over-again-and-getting-flipped-on-eBay-for-exoribitant-prices crap (see also: Intrada’s re-release of SpaceCamp).

    In short: 1979 sci-fi geekgasm! Man, here comes Intrada after my next paycheck: :assimilate:
    Oh, and SteveW’s next paycheck, your ride is waiting for you: :borg: (you probably make more than I do, hence you get a bigger Borg)

    If the Black Hole release happens, I will declare a Black Hole week on theLogBook. Seriously.

    Steve W
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    @Earl wrote:

    If the Black Hole release happens, I will declare a Black Hole week on theLogBook. Seriously.

    We’re going to hold you to that. ๐Ÿ˜€


    @Steve W wrote:

    We’re going to hold you to that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED – Black Hole Week completed!

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