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    Huh. Is this an upgrade? [LINK]

    TV channel Dave has commissioned a two-hour feature-length special to air next year.

    But unlike most movies, this will be shot in front of a live studio audience.

    Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn will return as Lister, Rimmer, The Cat and Kryten, in a story written and directed by series co-creator Doug Naylor.

    Charles said, ‘I’m really excited to get back on board with the boys from the Dwarf. I can’t wait to discuss Robert’s prostate problems, Chris Barrie’s hip replacement and have a proper look at Danny’s new dentures whilst they marvel at the agelessness of the Charles physique.

    ‘I will surely require the services of a chiropractor after dragging these doddering misfits through what promises to be our most epic adventure yet.’

    Just two years ago, Charles had poured cold water on the idea of a movie, saying the show probbaly worked best as a half-hour sitcom.

    Naylor added: ‘I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity of making more Red Dwarf. UKTV has been a never-ending source of support and encouragement since we first started working together ten years ago. Can’t wait to start shooting a format that I don’t think has ever been done before. Smoke me a kipper, we’re back and not just for breakfast.”

    Naylor has been attempting to make a feature-length version of Red Dwarf since the end of the eighth series in 1999. At the time wrote a script in which a race of cyborgs called Homo sapienoids had taken over the solar system and were wiping out the human race. Spaceships that tried to escape Earth were hunted down until only one remained… Red Dwarf.

    However Naylor could not secure financing at the project faltered, much to his frustration – as he has explained at fan conventions.

    To coincide with the new film, Dave has also commissioned a series of three hour-long documentaries to tell the 30-year story of the hit comedy.

    The Red Dwarf retrospectives will include rare and un-broadcast material, as well as new interviews with cast and crew.

    So…my slightly cynical side wonders…was there not enough story for six half-hour episodes, or not enough money for six half-hour episodes? But in the end…I’m still glad that the guys feel like continuing the story at all. After all…30 years.

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    The special that was being hinted at in the above article, “Red Dwarf: The Promised Land”, aired last week in the UK…and it may be the shape of things to come. [LINK]

    Red Dwarf’s recent feature-length special The Promised Land was a ratings hit for Dave, peaking at over a million viewers – and the good news for fans is that writer Doug Naylor still has ideas for “lots of different stories”.

    In a new interview, Naylor revealed that he’d be keen to produce more episodes in the 90-minute format – but that he has to wait on the green light from broadcaster UKTV.

    “I love the format of the film-length [episode] and would love to do more,” Naylor told the Two Geeks, Two Beers podcast.

    “[I’ve got] lots of different stories… but until they actually go ‘Yes, OK’ you don’t narrow it down. It depends on the budget, it depends who we can get to be in it.”

    Red Dwarf producer Richard Naylor added: “There are a million ideas, but it’s hard to focus on something… at this point, we don’t know if anything’s happening or if it’s a special or it’s a series.”

    Whatever happens next, there are no plans to wrap up Red Dwarf for good. “We’ve always said that we don’t want to do the ‘final show’ – where Lister’s back on Fuchal, he’s got his white horses and somehow he’s got Kochanski and they ride off into the distance and everyone goes ‘What a lame s**t show that was’ – it would be just horrific.”

    If you’re not ending your show by tying it to the snowglobe at the end of St. Elsewhere, are you really doing it right at all?

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