Info leaked about a new ELO album?

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    It’s been known for about a year that Jeff Lynne is working on some kind of project, but I think we all assumed it’d be a solo project. But wait, what’s this? [LINK]

    So how confident can we be about the reunion? Neil Hannon is the unlikely source for the revelation. Performing an excellent set as The Duckworth Lewis Method at Richard Thompson’s Meltdown on Thursday, the duo gave a hat-tip to Rob Caiger, ELO’s archivist, apparently in the audience.

    Hannon said the cricket-themed Duckworth album could not have been made without ELO, encored with Mr Blue Sky and revealed his excitement that a new ELO album was in the works. The loquacious singer then told the intrigued audience that he had perhaps said too much.

    A new message on the official ELO website suggests that Hannon is on the right track: “There will be exciting announcements coming over the next few months as we celebrate ELO’s 40th Anniversary…”

    There’s nothing on about that, but on the site for Face The Music, the official fan club, there’s this at the top of the news page:

    @Face The Music wrote:

    Hello everyone! There will be exciting announcements coming over the next few months as we celebrate ELO’s 40th Anniversary… PLEASE check back regularly, please read to the bottom of this page and do make sure you are subscribed to SHOWDOWN, the official ELO mailing list.

    …but that’s not really a new message. It’s said that most of this year.


    A new bread crumb from the BBC itself, this time about a new documentary film. I’ve boldfaced a very interesting passage from the press release [LINK]:

    ELO – 40 Light Years

    Charting the fascinating story of musical genius, singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and Electric Light Orchestra leader Jeff Lynne, this film celebrates 40 years since ELO’s first groundbreaking hit recording.

    The programme follows the band through their successes, up to their brand new ELO album – their first for almost 10 years.

    With exclusive access to Jeff Lynne, this documentary charts his story from his early years in Birmingham with cult legends the Idle Race, through to his first UK chart success with the Move. It also investigates his international mega-stardom with ELO and beyond, with The Travelling Wilburys – Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Bob Dylan – Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the Beatles, Del Shannon, Regina Spektor and many more.

    No exact airdate is given, just “BBC Four Autumn and Winter 2010/11”. :listen: The link will take you to an Elgar page; look for the ELO link on the right side, toward the bottom of the page.

    New album? Really?

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