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    From Big Finish [LINK]:

    We’re delighted to announce that Tom Baker will be playing the Fourth Doctor in a number of audio adventures for Big Finish, to be released from the beginning of 2012. Storylines and scripts are already at an advanced stage, and we plan to start recording early in the summer.

    The first season of six single-disc releases will begin in January 2012, with a second season of seven single-disc releases to follow at a date to be confirmed. There will also be a five-disc box set entitled Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The Fourth Doctor Box Set… The producers across the Fourth Doctor adventures are Nicholas Briggs and David Richardson.

    “As many of you will know, we’ve been talking to Tom for a long time,” says Big Finish executive producer Nick Briggs. “David Richardson and I went to visit Tom at his home not long ago to chat about it all. We had a really great time. At that point, I sincerely felt that had we taken a microphone with us, Tom would have started there and then – but, of course, there are always finer details to sort out. Now that our plans are in place, and Tom has enthusiastically told the world that we’re going ahead, we thought it best to follow-up with our own announcement. Rest assured that in the coming months we will be releasing news on this as soon as we are able.”

    Executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery says: “I am delighted that Tom will be joining the Big Finish audio adventures of Doctor Who. As a small child, I remember how charismatic and engaging his performance was each Saturday tea time – and we are all looking forward to recreating that era again.”

    We can confirm that the companions in these productions will be Louise Jameson as Leela and Mary Tamm as Romana, and some familiar monstrous faces from the past will be popping up too.


    Steve W
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    Two of my favorite companions have already signed on? Sounds like a winner! I just hope they craft some great stories to make this union worthwhile. Too bad the Brig is gone, it would have been nice to get those two together again.


    More details from Big Finish, including a special price if you pre-order the lot [LINK]…

    We’re delighted to launch the pre-order service for The Fourth Doctor Adventures, starring Tom Baker.

    Season One will be available from January 2012, and comprises six single disc releases with Louise Jameson as Leela set immediately after The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

    Season Two will follow at a date TBA, and comprises seven single disc releases with Mary Tamm as Romana set immediately after The Armageddon Factor.

    A five-disc box set entitled Doctor Who: The Lost Stories – The Fourth Doctor Box Set will also be available in January 2012. It features a six-part story and a four-part story, both with Louise Jameson as Leela. The first of these stories will be announced in April.

    The seasons can be pre-ordered separately or as a bundle with the box set. Download options are also available.

    The special pre-order prices are valid until 31 July 2011 11:59pm (UK Time).

    In the meantime, all of SteveW’s money is spoken for for the forseeable future. :listen:

    Steve W
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    Wow, that’s getting a bit expensive. I’ve definitely got to save up some bucks.


    Big Finish spills the beans on the first of the Tom Baker Lost Stories [LINK]:

    The six-part The Foe From the Future by Robert Banks Stewart has been adapted for audio by John Dorney, and will be recorded as a full cast drama with Tom Baker as the Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela. The serial was planned for TV broadcast in 1977, and development was well underway when Stewart was offered a job with ITV. Regretfully he was forced to abandon work on the story, which was ultimately replaced by The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

    “The Foe from the Future was one of those Doctor Who storylines that somehow got away,” says Robert Banks Stewart. “It’s great news that Big Finish are going to recapture the yarn with an audio production.”

    Stewart also wrote The Seeds of Doom and Terror of the Zygons.


    Big Finish has announced all but one title from their first round of Fourth Doctor audios and Fourth Doctor Lost Stories. [LINK]

    Geoffrey Beevers is to return as the Master in the first season of The Fourth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish, alongside Tom Baker and Louise Jameson. Geoffrey previously played the role on television in The Keeper of Traken in 1981, and twice on audio in Dust Breeding and Master.

    “It’s great to have Geoffrey back as the Master,” says executive producer Nicholas Briggs. “He is one of the loveliest actors I’ve ever worked with, and with him featuring in a really top-notch Alan Barnes script, our first series of adventures with Tom will end on a real high.”

    The season begins in January with Destination Nerva by Nicholas Briggs, in which the Doctor and Leela face a new enemy in familiar surroundings. The Renaissance Man by Justin Richards follows in February, while Leela makes a new ally in the warrior Boudica in John Dorney’s historical tale The Wrath of the Iceni (March).

    The Fourth Doctor has a rare conflict with his arch enemies in April in Energy of the Daleks by Nicholas Briggs; Mark Benton (Rose) guest stars as Jack Coulson, while Dan Starkey (A Good Man Goes to War) is Kevin Winston.

    The TARDIS returns to 1970s Britain in Trail of the White Worm (May), while the season climaxes with an untitled story (June) – both are written by Alan Barnes.

    The content for Doctor Who – The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Box Set has also been confirmed. In addition to Foe from the Future, a six-parter originally devised by Robert Banks Stewart and adapted by John Dorney, also included is The Valley of Death by Philip Hinchcliffe, adapted by Jonathan Morris. In this four-part full cast audio, the Doctor and Leela join an expedition to the Amazon rainforests, where an alien trap is waiting to be sprung… The five-disc box set will be available in January 2012.

    Untitled last story my ass! Probably untitled for the same reason that Bad Wolf was “untitled” for so long, or the eighth Doctor audio The Vengeance Of Morbius was “untitled” until just a few weeks before its release – to preserve some surprise that the title would give away.

    Energy of the Daleks? Are they becoming eco-conscious? Developing a hybrid casing that runs on both water and pure hatred?


    The cover for Energy Of The Daleks has been revealed…


    Some more news from Big Finish…

    Recording is underway this week on Foe from the Future, which will be released in The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Lost Stories Box Set in January 2012.

    The six-part story, originally devised by Robert Banks Stewart for the TV series in 1977, finds the Doctor and Leela arriving on Earth, where the locals are haunted by mysterious ghostly figures…

    The story’s main villain Jalnik – the titular Foe from the Future! – is played by acclaimed character actor Paul Freeman. Paul is perhaps best known to genre fans as Indiana Jones’s enemy Belloq in Raiders of the Lost Ark; his credits also include Hot Fuzz, ER, The Final Cut and Falcon Crest.

    Joining the Doctor in his fight against Jalnik is a young girl called Charlotte, who is played by Louise Brealey. Louise plays the ongoing role of Molly Hooper in the hit BBC series Sherlock, and has also starred in Bleak House and Mayo.

    Blake Ritson is Instructor Shibac, who joins the story in the year 4000. Blake is about to shoot the new series of Upstairs Downstairs and historical epic World Without End, and has starred in The Crimson Petal and the White, Emma and Red Cap.

    Mark Goldthorp (Androvax in The Sarah Jane Adventures) is Constable Burrows, Philip Pope (The Fast Show, KYTV, Chelmsford 123) is Father Harpin, Jaimi Barbakoff (Holby City) is Supreme Councillor Geflo, Dan Starkey (the Sontarans in Doctor Who) is Historiographer Osin while Camilla Power (Waterloo Road, The Grand, Torchwood: From Out of the Rain) is Councillor Kostal.

    And another cover (from one of the non-Lost Stories audios)…

    Steve W
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    That Spitfire really stands out as being fake. They could have Photoshopped it a little bit more like they did with the cast pictures to make it look a little less like the box art for a model kit. I’m shocked there isn’t a kid’s hands around the fuselage, ‘whooshing’ it through the air, that they didn’t cut out of the photo.


    It’s funny that they’ve got a Spitfire and Ian McNeice on the cover; McNeice played Churchill last season on TV. Apparently he’s not Churchill here though.

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