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    …there’s these guys. [LINK]

    The cover art for Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue is spacey and iconic and it got us thinking about how fun an ELO-themed shmup might have been back in the day… Well, here’s the next best thing: a chiptune tribute that could have worked as a soundtrack for such a game!

    The eight artists here have used hardware and samples from various old video game consoles to pay tribute to some of Jeff Lynne’s most memorable songs, and it only seemed fitting to commission cover artwork that mimicked the crappy Atari box art of the same era when ELO rose to prominence. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did putting it together!

    Title Screen (Turn to Stone) – Noisewaves
    Stage Select (Evil Woman) – Animal Style
    Stage A (Tightrope) – EvilWezil (ft. Voxe)
    Stage B (Strange Magic) – Please Lose Battle
    Stage C (The Whale) – Marshall Art
    Boss Battle (Fire On High) – Kenobit
    Staff Roll (Mr. Blue Sky) – King Keytan
    Game Over (Don’t Bring Me Down) – arcadecoma.

    Sadly, no game to go with it, but it IS a free download. Just like that dashing Kasatochi fellow…thing.

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