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    This is a general posting for anyone, but since it’s early days here and it’s just essentially the three of us, it’s more a question for Earl. How many soundtracks do you own in total? I know you’ve sold off a few of them, but still… hazard a guess?

    I’ll throw in my own answer. I’ve probably got less than 15. I’m not taking into account the single songs I’ve bought off albums on iTunes or Amazon’s music store. Shoot, if it weren’t for thrift stores, I would probably have just the ones I bought off you at OVGE. I seem to come across some decent or odd soundtracks in thrifts on a frequent basis. I’ve bought the album from the ’90s US movie Godzilla just for the cover of Heroes by Bob Dylan’s kid, the Bladerunner soundtrack for the intro music which the publishers decide to ruin by dropping in seemingly random dialog snippets, and so on. I can pull the trigger and buy a CD just for one or possibly two songs if I only have to pay a buck or two for it.

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    If I had to venture a guess, I’d say about 30-40, between CD and vinyl and other formats, if you’re strictly talking TV/movie music. Add video game soundtracks (counting only legit, professonially made and distributed albums) and the number probably could be bumped up to 50. Earl’s probably been my biggest influence in seeking out film soundtracks, as matter of fact. Now, I don’t order them specially off the Internet (heck, I don’t even do that with video game soundtracks), but if I see them in thrift stores and I recognize the composer, I’ll usually grab them. Right now, my biggest want is A Clockwork Orange.

    I think the most obscure soundtrack I have is The Adventures Of Huck Finn (the 90’s Disney movie). I really wouldn’t think there would be a clamoring for that soundtrack album, but it’s by Bill Conti, so there you go.


    At the height of my collection, probably close to 300. A lot of those have been sold off in the past 18 months, however.

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