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    Possibly the strangest book ever about Doctor Who…? [LINK]

    Long before the Enterprise traveled to the stars or Luke Skywalker was a gleam in the eye of Darth Vader, a thief with two hearts stole a time machine and traveled the universe several times over and saved the lives of countless billions. Now as the British science fiction show, “Doctor Who,” celebrates its fast approaching 50th anniversary, Bluewater Comics is sharing their latest bio-comic “Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who” with readers in January 2012.

    “Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who” will come in both a graphic novel and single-issue form. Written by, Paul Salamoff and drawn by Jaime Martinez Rodriguez, Scott Boyce and DJ Burgess with covers by DC artist Joe Phillips.

    “Doctor Who” debuted on the BBC in 1963 and was played by William Hartnell. When Hartnell decided to leave the role, it was then decided the Doctor could regenerate his appearance into another actor. Since then, over 11 actors have played the Doctor such as Tom Baker, Paul McGann and the current Doctor, Matt Smith and each will be featured in both versions of “Orbit: The Cast of Doctor Who.” However, the graphic novel will feature a bio on Peter Cushing who played the Doctor in two feature length movies, though he is not considered part of the 11 official actors, Bluewater wanted to mark his contribution.

    “At Bluewater Comics we felt that a show like Doctor Who needed to have a bio-comic done,” said Darren Davis, president of Bluewater Comics. “There were so many fine actors who played the role of the time traveler, we just wanted to highlight the careers of a handful of the actors.”

    It’s kind of vague. I’m assuming they’re going to cover all eleven of the TV Doctors. Strange as it may sound, I’ve gone ahead and added it to the store for anyone who wants to pre-order it.

    Clicking on the author’s name on Amazon turns up another biographical comic… about the Obama family’s puppy!

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