Gallifrey Series 4

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    Much to everyone’s surprise (considering that the third series of audios left things on a cliffhanger designed to hint at the imminent beginning of the Time War, which is actually a topic Big Finish is contractually forbidden to deal with), a fourth series of Gallifrey audios is due in March, to be released as a box set. Lalla Ward, Mary Tamm and Louise Jameson are back on board, though there’s no mention of John Leeson as K-9 (at this point, he’s probably fallen through the time vortex into the alternate London as seen in the pilot episode of K-9). Also appearing are Colin Baker, Geoffrey Beevers, Carole Ann Ford and Katy Manning, along with Sarah Douglas, Brian Miller, Alan Ruscoe, Matthew Bates and Alexander Vlahos.

    The episode titles, in order, are: Reborn, Disassembled, Annihilation and Forever.

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