From ELO to DDOS (to jail) in one easy step

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    Jake Commander has played with various live incarnations of ELO since the ’80s, and also played (awesomely) on Jeff Lynne’s “Armchair Theater” solo album. [LINK]

    Geoffrey ‘Jake’ Commander, a 66-years-old British rock guitarist and part of the Electric Light Band Orchestra (ELO), has been given a a jail sentence for joining the popular online hacktivists collective ‘Anonymous’ and taking part in the famous Operation Payback campaign in 2010 which brought down many financial websites.

    The ELO guitarist admitted to his involvement in the Anonymous operation at the hearing before the sentence was pronounced. He also promised the Judge never to return to the United States after his release. The authorities said that he could serve only ten days in prison, ‘Jake’ was earlier facing a likely prison sentence of ten years jail time in a federal prison.

    Since Jake’s music career will likely feel some seismic effect from having taken the side of the pirates here, so it’s safe to say the courts were trying to make An Example (with capitals) out of him.

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