Fan recreation of a mid-1990s KFDF ID?!?

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    Well, I guess I’m part of broadcast history now. There’s a handful of artists/animators out there on YouTube who do HD re-creations of vintage TV station IDs. It’s not a bad graphic design/editing exercise, really, if you’re at the amateur level with aspirations of doing pro.

    I just never expected anyone to pick one of mine to do this, and yet here we are:

    (And for context, the original, at a pretty low resolution, done with a daisy chain of an Amiga 4000 and a pre-Windows PC:)

    It’s just kind of mind-boggling to see that work I did nearly 30 years ago, and knowing how things went at that station, probably did in a hell of a hurry, something that’s there and gone again in 5-10 seconds, caught somebody’s imagination.

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