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    Man, I’m gone to Tulsa for a day, come back and suddenly the eighth Doctor doesn’t look like the eighth Doctor anymore! Revealed in photos on the Armageddon NZ convention twitter feed (McGann and McCoy were guests this weekend) [LINK]…

    So… wow. I’m assuming that, like the revamp of Colin Baker’s costume from blindingly colorful to all-blue, this is going to be something that happens in the Big Finish universe only. Apparently at the con it was said that the BBC has given its blessing to remaking the eighth Doctor’s image (which would seem to indicate that the BBC itself isn’t the party doing the changing). The sonic screwdriver is also new, and was designed by the WETA Workshop.

    Why the costume change? On the surface of it, it’s obvious that Big Finish – and everyone else – has recycled every existing publicity photo of McGann in the original 8th Doctor costume a dozen times each. There have been a few attempts to photoshop new ones into existence, with varying degrees of success.

    But here’s another idea: this costume seems to be midway between the 8th Doctor’s original Edwardian duds and, say, the leather jacket of the next incarnation of the Doctor.

    The third season of the Gallifrey audio series ended on a major cliffhanger which seemed to hint at the Time War. Big Finish has just announced that there will soon be a fourth season of that audio series.

    Could Big Finish, and the eighth Doctor, finally be heading into the Time War? Since that would seem to herald the end of the eighth Doctor*… is this a good thing?

    * or does Big Finish know something about the future of its status with the Doctor Who franchise that we don’t, that would make such wrapping-up a good idea?

    Steve W
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    The Eighth Doctor’s outfit was supposed to be a Wild Bill Hickock costume, and now they’re going for something more steampunk which nicely fits in to the Jules Verne look of the TARDIS in the 1996 movie.

    I would have liked it if his Doctor would have adopted a look that was more Western in appearance, considering that the 8th Doctor was an American creation (technically by a bunch of UK expats). If the Fox movie drew in an audience and it went to series, it would have been interesting if the Doctor had gone back to meet the real Wild Bill and maybe won one of his favorite Old West Show outfits off him in a poker game or something. 😀


    Not so fast – apparently Big Finish is denying all knowledge of this, basically saying this is the first they’ve seen/heard of this too.

    Is McGann just tired of seeing old pictures of himself with long hair? Does WETA turn out props that stand up to photographic scrutiny just for giggles? Who exactly is redressing Who?

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