ELO to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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    Announced earlier today; here’s the official press release from ELO’s management. [LINK]


    NEW YORK, NY (December 20, 2016) – ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA will be inducted into the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center next year on April 7, 2017. The band joins the Class of 2017 as first-time nominees for the honor, after becoming eligible for consideration in 1996. ELO will join Joan Baez, Journey, Pearl Jam and Tupac Shakur, all of whom were on the ballot for the first time and Yes, who will be inducted following their third nomination.

    “I am deeply honored to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and would like to thank all the great fans who have supported us over the years,” said ELO lead singer Jeff Lynne of the honor.

    As the creative force behind ELO, producer, songwriter, arranger, lead singer and guitarist Jeff Lynne remains one of the most successful and respected musicians of all time. Formed in 1970, Electric Light Orchestra has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide with more than 20 Top 40 Hits across the U.S. and the U.K. and has received countless awards and accolades.

    At the time of ELO’s formation, Lynne had said the goal was to create modern rock and pop songs. A goal that remains true some 30 years later with 2015’s release of ‘Alone In The Universe’ on Columbia Records, the first album of all-new music released by the band in over a decade. The album received critical and fan praise alike, prompting NPR to hail the first single, “When I Was a Boy,” as “vintage ELO, with Lynne’s signature chord progressions, string flourishes and a wistful but infectious melody.”

    Inductees are chosen by more than 900 voters of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, as well as the aggregate results of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s online fan vote. Artists are eligible for inclusion 25 years after the release of their first recording.

    The 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, presented by Klipsch Audio, will take place on Friday, April 7, 2017 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York for the third time since 2014. The Induction Ceremony will again have its television premiere on HBO and a radio broadcast on SiriusXM.

    Follow the Rock Hall on Facebook (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame), Twitter (@rockhall) and Instagram (@rockhall) and join the conversation at #RockHall2017. To receive Induction Ceremony updates, announcements and ticket information, sign up for the Rock Hall’s e-newsletter at http://www.rockhall.com/e-newsletter.

    For more information on ELO, please visit their official Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/OfficialJeffLynne), Twitter (@JeffLynnesELO) and website at https://jefflynneselo.com/.

    I’m sure now a lot of the discussion will involve whether Jeff and Roy and Bev can share the stage without any lingering hard feelings; the official roster posted on the Hall of Fame site consists of those three plus keyboardist Richard Tandy. But there’s bad blood between Jeff and Bev (over ELO Part II), and between Roy and Bev (over “Bev Bevan’s Move” – seeing a pattern here?).

    Smart money says it’ll be Jeff showing up to collect a trophy, maybe Roy will be there, maybe he won’t, but there’ll be no on-stage performance.


    Funny – Rolling Stone is asking the same question(s) I am. [LINK]

    Days after the news hit about ELO entering the Hall of Fame, we phoned up Bevan to hear his thoughts on the honor, the possibility of a reunion and his desire to finally make peace with Jeff Lynne.

    What was your first reaction to the news?
I was chuffed, just thrilled. I guess everybody is when they get it. I can’t imagine anyone not being. I thought it was fantastic. I had a lot of friends calling me, texting me, emailing me to say congratulations. It’s been really good.

    How did you hear about it?
My agent Ashley [Yeates] called. I was walking my two golden retrievers, Oscar and Bailey, around the sports field and he called and said it was announced and was all over Facebook and stuff. That was a nice way to hear. It was great.

    Have you heard anything from the Hall of Fame itself?
No. Nothing at all. I don’t even know if they know how to contact me. I’ve seen the date mentioned and I hope to hear some more.

    You’re going, right?

    As far as I know, yeah. I’d love to. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’d like to be there.

    For the rest of your life now you are Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bev Bevan.

    Nobody has actually said that before. That sounds great.

    Bands often reunite and perform at the Hall of Fame. Is that going to happen? Is that possible?

    Jeff’s been going out as Jeff Lynne’s ELO, doing great business. He’s got his version of ELO all up and running. I’d love to get up there, even to do one song. I’d love to. Probably same with Roy.

    Do you think it’s likely? Do you think he’ll want to play with you?

    I really can’t answer that. I honestly don’t know. I’ll find out over the coming weeks.

    At the very least, it’s a nice opportunity to shake his hand and clear the air.
I’d be very happy to do that. Absolutely.

    Given how anti-drum-machine Jeff is these days, I’d be really intrigued to get Jeff and Bev (and Roy) back in the same room.

    I will be very disappointed if all the personal guff between them prevents them from getting up there and doing 10538 Overture or something.


    From Bev Bevan’s Facebook page:

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend ELO’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame due to the fact that I am on tour in the UK with another great friend of Jeff, Richard and Roy..the legend that is ‘Jasper Carrott’.

    These dates have been sold out for sometime and when the news broke about our induction it was too late to change them.

    It would have been fantastic to meet up with Roy, Jeff and Richard again.

    I would also like to mention a few other names that I think should be recognised as part of what made ELO so magical – in particular Mik Kaminski, Hugh McDowell, Melvyn Gale and the late Kelly Groucutt.

    It truly is a great honour to be a part of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame especially when I see the names of the inductees over the years…many are my heroes, some I have had the honour to meet and others the privilege to share a stage with.

    I have been incredibly fortunate to have had a life in the music business from my first band ‘Rocking Ronnie & The Renegades’ to ‘Black Sabbath and all the bits inbetween including The Move, Denny Laine & The Diplomats, Carl Wayne & The Vikings, Quill, The Electric Light Orchestra, the Brum Rocks concerts, Stand Up & Rock and more… surrounded by great talented musicians. It has been a blast and I still get a buzz every time I walk out on stage.

    However, I would like to add that without the support of the record buying and concert going public my great career could never have happened. So a huge thank you goes out to everyone who has ever purchased a record that I played on or been to any of the concerts.

    Hope to see you soon at a gig somewhere.

    Cheers !

    Bev Bevan

    That’s gotta stink, and yet at the same time kind of poetic – he’s too busy playing rock ‘n’ roll for people to be there when his band is inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.


    Official press release passed along via the ELO Showdown mailing list…


    Premiering Exclusively on HBO April 29th at 8 p.m. ET/PT

    CLEVELAND, OHIO (March 29, 2017) – Special guests at this year’s sold-out Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, presented by Klipsch Audio, on April 7 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn will include:

    Dhani Harrison inducting ELO

    Pat Monahan inducting Journey

    Pharrell Williams inducting Nile Rodgers

    Snoop Dogg inducting Tupac Shakur

    Previously announced special guests include Neil Young inducting Pearl Jam, Jackson Browne inducting Joan Baez, and Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush inducting Yes.

    Additional performers include Lenny Kravitz in a very special tribute performance to Prince, Alicia Keys, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Indigo Girls, and others.

    The 2017 Ceremony will honor this year’s inductees: Joan Baez, ELO, Journey, Nile Rodgers, Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, and Yes.

    The Ceremony will once again exclusively premiere on HBO on April 29th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

    A special exhibit dedicated to this year’s inductees will open at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on March 31.

    I hope this means the ELO and Journey Lego sets are both gonna happen.

    Don’t know who will actually be there representing ELO – I have a feeling that Jeff and Richard Tandy are probably shoo-ins…Bev has already said he can’t make it…I’m strongly of the opinion that Roy Wood should be there.


    So, eyewitness report from last night’s induction (which we don’t get to see for a while yet) – Richard Tandy not present due to illness, Roy Wood was present. [LINK]

    Oh…hey everyone. This is the Wizzard guy, and I fly a Lego spaceship.

    ELO was the first artist honored at Friday night’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Lynne and the current lineup of the ELO hopped on stage right after a moving tribute video for Chuck Berry and performed a cover of the guitar legend’s “Roll Over Beethoven.”

    It was the perfect way to begin a ceremony that took place less than a month after Berry’s death. Lynne and company used “Roll Over Beethoven” (a song they’ve been playing for 45 plus years) to kickoff a set highlighted by a great rendition of “Evil Woman.”

    Dhani Harrison, the son of George Harrison, took the stage to honor his late father’s longtime friend. During ELO’s induction speech, Roy Wood praised Lynne for writing the music that earned the band its spot in the Rock Hall.

    For his part, Lynne kept things brief. He recalled, touchingly, the musical education he received from his parents, before ending things. It was a subdued induction, but one with a touch of class.

    Great that Roy was there; too bad he couldn’t have gotten up on stage with the band to do 10538 Overture or something.

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