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    We wait a decade for new material (not sure that one song on the Buddy Holly tribute really counts)… and this is it? From the ELO Showdown mailing list… [LINK]

    Subject: Jeff’s Do Ya available to download
    Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 17:36:08 -0700
    From: Lynn Hoskins

    Oliver Stone’s “Savages” soundtrack is officially released on July 3rd, but you can download it now. I just discovered it on Amazon and listened to the Do Ya sample, and list member Jeff Walton spotted it on iTunes. Looks like in order to get Do Ya you have to buy the whole album.

    Amazon.com U.S.

    iTunes U.S.

    To be clear, this is Jeff, in a studio, recently, rebuilding Do Ya from scratch without any other troublesome members of ELO underfoot to have to pay royalties to. (He’s been doing this for years with songs like Mr. Blue Sky – recording new “solo” versions and licensing them out for ads, movie trailers, etc.)

    I know the guy’s gotta make a living, but… c’mon, Jeff. Surely you’ve got more creative juice than this.

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