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    SFX Magazine’s web site has a list of the 35 most surprising revelations in Elisabeth Sladen’s just-published autobiography. [LINK]

    There are some real doozies in there – some of which make Jon Pertwee sound like a real piece of work who never got over Katy Manning leaving the show. He reportedly refused to be in the same room with, or even meet, Tom Baker when it came time to shoot the regeneration scene. He didn’t even want to exchange pleasantries with him. During shooting on The Five Doctors, apparently she had to ask Pertwee to dial down the trash talk about Baker, who she got along with much better. Good grief.

    When she left the series in 1976, the crew gave her a TARDIS key as a parting gift. She bequeathed that key to David Tennant while shooting his final episode.

    She wasn’t diagnosed with cancer until February of this year.

    This one may be worth checking out.

    Steve W
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    What kind of cancer was it that took her so quickly?

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    Available today in Britain but not available on Kindle yet. Drat. $17.92 for the hardcover at Amazon but it’s not available yet! I can only pre-order it. December 15, 2011 is the American publication date.

    @Steve: The Wiki article on Ms. Sladen does not specify what cancer she had. Googling didn’t help. It’s a mystery to me.

    Check out this pic of Elisabeth:



    I have no idea what it was. It could be a case sort of like my dad, where he had a nagging feeling something was wrong and then didn’t get it checked until it was untreatable.

    And yes, she was hawt way back when. (Hell, for being in her sixties, she was hawt in her new show too. Let’s see how Billie looks at that age. My guess: not as hawt as Lis Sladen.) She had a lot to do with me getting into the show in the first place. Never mind the big goofball with the scarf, as far as I was concerned this was her show. I was about 25 years ahead of my time with that kind of thinking.

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    I just bought it for my Kindle. I saw it was available for $9.99. When I get home, I’ll check it out on my Kindle (no Kindles allowed at work).

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